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Display registered private name servers

hello WHMCS team ,
from client side , i can register a new name server with its IP , you call it " private name server" in your product ,
and the settings are applied to register successfully .
but from client side i can't see the private name server that i registered with related ip address , for example i should see like the following table or any thing same :
your registered name servers are : = =

so i suggest this feature / page to be available in your product .
thank you
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    Display registered private name servers
    From the client panel it is possible to register a new name server with its IP, you call it "private name server" in your product, and the configuration is applied to register correctly.but it is not possible to see the names of dns that already registered and the assigned IP'sThe client must be able to fully manage the dns related to their domain name in a simpler way and avoid requesting support for those small


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Maybe, such algorithm will be suitable for this task:

1) when entering "Private Nameservers" menu, WHMCS will send <domain:info> EPP-request
2) system will locate <domain:host> objects in server response and show them in list
3) near each object will be "Info" button, which sends request <host:info> about chosen <domain:host> object
4) after this, WHMCS shows results of <host:info> request with editable fields IPv4, IPv6 (<host:addr ip="v4"></host:addr>, <host:addr ip="v6"></host:addr>) with "Save"/"Delete" commands near
5) page still will have empty fields (Hostname + IPv4 + IPv6) with "Add" command at the bottom
I have many customers using private name servers with their dedicated IPs. in absence of this feature it makes task of editing or private updating name servers very cumbersome.
Wow, it's quite surprising that even after 5 years, we still don't have a function like 'register_getPrivateNameServers()' to fetch and display the private name servers.
Kindly implement this feature. It is important that users are able to see the Private Nameservers before editing or deleting them. You have a provision for editing and deleting them but not for viewing. It doesn't make much sense without a VIEW option. Please don't take five years to implement this feature. You must do it NOW.
hello john

i used cocca module ,
for more information about cocca kindly have a look for the following URLs :,_patch,_upgrade

thank you
Hi there,
Thanks for submitting your request.

This type of feature would depend upon the registrar being used, and whether the API was able to display this information.
Which registrar would you be interested in seeing this feature with?
I'm sure most registrars allow this already, it would make no sense to have an API to create them and edit them but not view them....Not be able to see what glue records you have created on a domain is mind freaking. This is lacking on WHMCS and it should be implemented if supported by the API from the registrar (which I'm sure most do...)
> This type of feature would depend upon the registrar being used, and whether the API was able to display this information.

The function can be implemented in the registrar modules by its developers if the corresponding API supports it.