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Change quantity on product with scaling quantity

  • Olov Karlsson shared this idea 3 years ago
  • Client Area

Let clients upgrade/downgrade the quantity similar to when up/down-grading product.
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    Let clients change the number of scaling service
    Now when there is a "Scaling Service: Each service instance allows a quantity to be defined " I suggest that the client shall be able to up/down-grade the number.Example: we use this for handling MS 365 licenses and often have the case that the client want to have more (or less) licenses of the same type (service)
    Allow clients to change quantity of scaling service
    If the pricing option "Yes - Scaling Service: Each service instance allows a quantity to be defined" there should be a way customers can edit this qty in the client area that would also trigger the relevant billing. When a client signs up for the service they specify a quantity. i.e. 5. There should then be a way for the client to adjust the quantity to 6, 10 or any other amount. We can adjust this qty manually in the admin panel, but that then whmcs does not do the relevant billing for the adjustment until the next month (Assuming we do the auto recalculate on save).In our specific scenario:1) we sell Microsoft 365 licensing. A customer orders Microsoft 365 Business Standard and specifies a quantity of 5 because they want 5 licenses when they place the order. This is perfect.2) the client has a new staff member and wants to increase the quantity to 6. This is where the issue comes in as there is now way to change quantity other than manually on the admin backend.


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Just as an addition, the Client Summary page also need to be updated to display the Qty on a Product/Service with Scaling Qty
This really needs some work. The Qty should allowed to be changed, as at the moment, a customer can place a brand new order for a product they already have, so you end up with 2 of the same products, both with different quantities, and billing dates. having to Sync these and refund unused partial-billing days is a nightmare.
This was the response from my ticket with WHMCS Support.

Thanks for coming back to us.

The feature was introduced to give more flexibility and allow for expansion in features in the future. It prevents the need to have multiple services listed under a client when just multiple quantities are needed. However, I can see that the ability for the client themselves, rather than an admin, to be able to upgrade and downgrade the quantity could be extremely useful.

With new feature requests, something that can help is starting a discussion topic WHMCS Community to see if others have the same problem and if so, getting them to add their vote and opinions to your feature request. While we do not implement features based solely on their popularity, requests that get a lot of traction in our feature requests tracker do get reviewed by our team.

If there's anything else I can do for you, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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