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Sync should mark domains that have been transferred out as Cancelled - or new state, "transferred out"

The sync script needs to check for domains that have been transferred out. Ideally it should mark them as "transferred out", an option which...

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Automatic Unsuspend Client Notifications

As an Administrator, it would be helpful if once I unsuspended a client through WHMCS - they were automatically notified via Email notification from a...

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Itemise automation actions in the automation status and daily report email

Restore the previous to V7 style of cron jobs email template where we had lot of info about suspensions, invoices...., not now we only have the number...

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Product/Service/Hosting renewal notices

Hosting accounts need their own renewal notice system, just like domains have. Having only the invoice generation is not enough, and it's very unfrien...

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Allow IPv6 and IPv4 in Licensing Module

Lets get WHMCS to add a feature to allow both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Make it an option within the module if you want to allow that or not. When an I...

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Cancel Invoice on Termination

Hi,I’m sure this has been discussed before, but not seen a feature request for it.Why when the cron terminates a hosting account is the relating invoi...

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To-do list email reminders

Create the ability to send email reminders for to-do list items on the due date.

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Client upgrades should offer configurable options and confirmation

Client side upgrades should offer the various different options before producing a pro-rata price for the client (and then asking them if they want to...

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Make Registrar TLD sync tool automatable with cron job

Please add automation to the new tool "Registrar TLD sync"

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Automate TLD Pricing Synchronization

Registrars' domain prices are changing every day and they give promotions or finished it; therefore, this functionality must be automated by whmcs cro...

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Notify clients before their account is automatically deleted

From the Automation settings, we can specify if WHMCS should automatically delete clients after X number of months.This is a great feature but it need...

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MaxMind module should process Accept Custom Rules

On a MaxMind account you can create custom rules to accept or reject orders, for example you could reject all orders from France or you could accept a...

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Docker and/or containers

As a company our systems are being replaced by containers instead of VMs. It gives us more control over our releases. We would like to run WHMCS from...

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Cancel domain invoice on transferred away

When a domain is marked as transferred away, the associated invoice needs to be cancelled.I honestly cannot believe this isn't already built into WHMC...

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Automated DNS SPF Configuration during OX Suite Provisioning

When provisioning OX Suite, the system creates MX records on the cPanel server but does not amend the SPF record. It could easily use the cPanel scrip...

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Allow opt-out of "Support Ticket Feedback" emails.

We really like this feature, but we've had a few customers who wish to opt-out of receiving the feedback emails after their ticket is closed.

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Auto Domain Name Parking for Register and Transfer Domains

Automatically parks any domain order (that has no hosting account or the default nameservers) in your Cpanel server! With domain parking service. Clie...

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Different Payment Terms/Invoice Generation Dates for Different Customers

I would love to see an option to customize payment terms based on the customer. Some of our larger customers who take a long time to process payments...

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Mikrotik (RouterOS) Module

Mikrotik (RouterOS) Provisioning modules that enable provisioning and management of PPPoE user & services via API.

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WebsitePanel 2 module

WebsitePanel 2 stable was released before couple of months ago. It would be great if you can provide compatible module immediately. The module provide...

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Stripe Fraud Check Additions

Would like to see an "authorize only" option added to the WHMCS Stripe module that could be turned on or off for new orders by new or existi...

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Change auto update exchange rates daily with FloatRates FEED

Hello WHMCS Team,Please change the exchange rate FEED to FloatRates FEED because most currencies are available and add changing customer product price...

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Remove terminated or canceled services from the customer's account.

The idea is to have an option to remove closed or canceled services from the customer's account after a certain chosen day.The idea is due to the need...