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To-do list email reminders

  • Dawid van Wyngaard shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Automation

Create the ability to send email reminders for to-do list items on the due date.


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+1 this is really needed
Can this please be added as a function when creating New Notification Rule and having To-Do as an event with its conditions?
The TO-DO list feature is a good idea incorporated into domains and product functionality when orders are placed but not very useful due to the lack to their reminders and followups -- indeed it needs more robust functionality incl. on-screen and email reminders. Thank you.
Hi Everybody

Yes is very necessary the reminder and very easy to do!
Hello everybody. I helped fund this one addon which does this alerting job pretty well:
thank you
The TODO list is useless. Every so often I will log into WHMCS and find TODO items or module items that need resolving which have been sititng there for days or weeks, because no reminders or notifications.
Completely useless without email reminders
I'm missing important tasks when I over-rely on the To-Do list. I already have a to-do list and it's my email/calendar. Importing these tasks into that workflow is a must.
A must, and it's ultra easy to script. When the item is due, send email to admins. Half the time I don't know what really goes into WHMCS in terms of updates ypdates
I vote for this too. This feature is a must.
This should be implemented please!
Maybe have the option to set a combined email once a week with all the tasks in the next week related to an admin?
Email notifications will be much helpful for sure.
I also agree. This is a necessary component of a to do list. The list is totally ineffective unless you have the calendar open in from of you all the time which is not practical. An email reminder option would be perfect and essential.
Agreed. Also a reminder pop up at a specific time like you can with Mac calendar would be great so if you've agreed e.g. to phone someone at 10am you can set a reminder for 10 minutes before & it comes up on the screen. But for starters, an email reminder would be great!