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Client Only / Pipe Reply only block notifications

  • cpoalmighty shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Automation
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There are some emails which we do not monitor directly. We expect clients to come to the ticket area for them to receive support which enhances our security within my company because we know for sure that the client was logged in and submitted their ticket to us directly and that there email was not simply hacked. One such department is the billing department. A client is required to log into their account to submit their tickets with us. I have noticed some clients do not do that and as such we are not aware of their requests until later on when we finally check that email.

There should be an automated /instant notifications to clients who do not fullfil our requirements letting them know what they need to do in order to allow their emails to get to our system.

i.e. 1 when "Clients only" is ticked for a department and a client sends a message to our billing department from an unregistered email address, there should be a notification sent to that email mentioning that

i.e. 2 when "Pipe Replies Only" is ticked for a department and a client sends an email to that department they should receive a notification informing them of the need to login to open "new" tickets to this department.

The reason why I placed new like that is because clients should be able to respond to existing tickets which are opened already within that department via email if they wish however only new ones will require them to login.

This enhances overall security for every company because when both those options are selected a client will not be able to email an department with an unregistered email nor will they be able to open new tickets without logging into their account.