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MaxMind module should process Accept Custom Rules

  • Maxer Host shared this idea 1 month ago
  • Automation

On a MaxMind account you can create custom rules to accept or reject orders, for example you could reject all orders from France or you could accept all orders from Germany.

Text in the WHMCS MaxMind module explains: "Additional rules can be created within your MaxMind account to apply automated fraud check filtering based on rules and criteria you define."

However there's one caveat: WHMCS only processes the "Reject rules" and completely ignores the "Accept rules".

The WHMCS documentation explains:
"Custom Rules can be used to reject an orders based on a combination of rules you setup. Custom Rules can be created and managed from within your MaxMind account, more information is available in the Custom Rules documentation. Accept Custom Rules have no effect on the order status." (source:

It would be very useful for our business if WHMCS would recognise the accept rules on our MaxMind account. We have accept rules for good reason and right now there are orders being flagged as fraud which we'd like to see accepted.


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