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WebsitePanel 2 module

  • Kailash shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Automation

WebsitePanel 2 stable was released before couple of months ago. It would be great if you can provide compatible module immediately. The module provided by WebsitePanel.Net does not work for multi-package. Currently our entire automation system has been broken due to this.


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Whmcs should provide the updates on WSP it is really helpful to us.
we all are needed WSP, i have try many time with different angles but not creating account
Yeah, this would be a great advantage. Please increase the importance of this.
It would be great if this module can be developed as soon as possible. Our current integration has been broken because WHMCS does not have compatible module for WebsietPanel 2.
WebsitePanel WHMCS Addon available on works differently then current module. It requires creating product addon in WHMCS and WebsitePanel. It would be great WHMCS develops their own module to work it same way as the previous module provided by them.
Does WHCMS module for WebsitePanel 1 work for multi-package acounts? I don't think so. WHCMS doesn't support this feature even in other control panels, does it? WHCMS module for WebsitePanel 2 provided by WebsitePanel seems to work fine. Even, better, in many aspects, than the previous one provided by WHMCS. By the way, I firmly consider that WHMCS should improve its WebsitePanel module to support WebsitePanel 2 or start sharing its market with billing system.