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Product/Service/Hosting renewal notices

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Hosting accounts need their own renewal notice system, just like domains have.

Having only the invoice generation is not enough, and it's very unfriendly to the customers, especially for those on annual packages.


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I was inclined to use Email Marketer for this, but as far as I know Email Marketer does not set the service variables so we can't easily customize the email with the service which is to be renewed.
There is this one and also this one related:

Can we relabel this to a feature like "Separate email template for customers on auto-billing" or something? This template / setting is like:

Days before auto-billing to send:

Email subject: Your Product X WIll Auto Renew In X Days"
Email Text: "The below products will auto renew on X date"
List of products
If you wish to cancel or make any changes please login here: X"
I think you can use the email marketer and create a custom template to accomplish this
Yes. It is very helpfull
After 6 years i am still waiting for this feature... Come on...6 years and still under consideration?
Hire more devs...there are so many features missing...
Hi Jeffer,
With an average of just 8 votes per year, this request hasn't made it to the top of our list just yet. Please keep generating support for this request, and if its popularity increases in future it's potentially somethingf we can consiuder again in future!
Please do this
So, how is everyone working without this? Just sending an invoice with no explanation and hoping the customer pays for it?
Well, no, you could modify the invoice email templates to have all the info you want about renewal...
Any news about this feature?
Should be in by default. Don't understand why this is still Under Consideration, And Sorry MdoulesGarden $69,95 yearly is a little over the top. and $349,95 for lifetime also. That's more than the one time no branding WHMCS. for just 1 extra feature.
please add this feature as it is a very necessary feature and Please ModulesGarden your hosting renewal module does not work for six template base. I have contacted you and you have not done anything, all you say is it is not yet working on six template base. WHMCS I hope you add this feature soon
So, this feature didn't make it to WHMCS 6?
Our module does exactly what you need. It will let both you and your clients to turn on/off automatic renewals and manually renew services before the due date. You will be able to also configure and send email notifications to your clients and inform them about upcoming renewals. You can find more information here:
It is very important for an automated system. Without this feature the system looks like a manual platform.

We must do all process each month, find all customers who are next to expire their hosting service and send to them a manual message.

The WHMCS staff should take this issue in consideration for a new release.
This feature is a must-have. In The Netherlands we have a law called 'Wet van Dam' that forbids annual renewals without renewal reminders.
I forgot to add - that means we need a "renew hosting" button, just like we have one for domains. I don't understand why this doesn't exist already.
Exactly. We've had many customers complain that they receive an invoice when they haven't ordered anything from us.

We should be sending renewal notices before we send an invoice.