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Remove terminated or canceled services from the customer's account.

  • Eduardofsj shared this idea 1 year ago
  • Automation

The idea is to have an option to remove closed or canceled services from the customer's account after a certain chosen day.

The idea is due to the need to change a product or add a new one, whmcs does not allow deleting that product if it is associated with a customer account, to avoid being like a bunch of products I end up having to manually delete the product that I want to remove it from my system.

if the system did that it would be a wonder to remove products.


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The argument is not "why delete it" but rather "why should be kept?"
Hi Eduardofsj,
Thanks for suggesting this idea.
Can you help us understand your need for this feature; what problem does keeping the cancelled services under the Client Account cause you?
Admins and clients can filter services by status so can quickly exclude services in cancelled status if needed.
Sorry - where can I filter out cancelled services as an admin on the client's Product/Services or Domains tab?
Hi Mark,
The "Status Filter" button is located on the client's Summary tab above the service list:
+1 on this, keeping old services clunks up the database for no reason.