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Client upgrades should offer configurable options and confirmation

Client side upgrades should offer the various different options before producing a pro-rata price for the client (and then asking them if they want to proceed).

Background:Currently we have some configurable options in different option groups on our hosting products (they're priced differently depending which hosting package you are on so can't be in the same option group), so when a client does an upgrade we have to do two orders, one for the hosting package and one for the configurable options (as they are reset to none when we upgrade the hosting package).

A better system would ask them the same questions they would be asked if making an order, and then show them a pro-rata'd price.

The reason I say show them a pro-rata'd price is that we get some clients who don't want to proceed with the ugprade at that point yet we've already created an order and an invoice for them (all of which we have to reverse if they change their mind).


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It's crazy this still hasn't been addressed.
Some details of this problem discussed here:
Hello, how much consideration does it need this request? :)

It's incomprehensible why you cannot select configurable options during a regular upgrade process to a product that has configurable options. I think two steps to upgrade package + upgrade configurable options is not acceptable for a client.

+1 Please, please, please add this feature.
Please, please, please add this. My company looks ridiculous sending multiple orders to handle a single upgrade.

I am needing to upgrade a client to a better plan and add more disk space than the new plan has but I can't do that because the silly screen doesn't allow me to do it.
This is a very essential feature, when used with product bundle upgrade with VPS, if there is no option to choose the existing template, the whole data and OS will be wiped from the current VPS. seems this is pending for 2 long years, too long to get this essential feature to be added.
We have the same issue. And are we disappointed Whether this request is not active after 2years either.

Maybe we will see to develop a hook fort his. If others are interesting, let me know
I'd forgotten I'd raised this! Still as needed today as when I raised it 2 years ago!
Fully agreed and supported this feature. We are facing lots of customer compliant over the upgrade/downgrade of plan (products).

Besides, there is no option of field available currently to allow customer to indicate when the upgrade will take place. I am highlight recommended to include this date field into future release with this enhancement request,
+1 to realize this "offer"
Totally agree. Wish more people voted
Fully agree with Pat. We have the same issue selling software product using WHMCS.
I agree. We don't sell hosting but a software product. Our configurable option is an "upsell" of phone support. This omission causes us to have to send an upgrade email asking the customer to go back and upgrade their configurable option, thereby reducing the likelihood that they will do so.

I like WHMCS but I wish they would think a little more like salespeople...reducing the number of choices or decision points to an upsell would enhance the value of the software.