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Stripe Fraud Check Additions

Would like to see an "authorize only" option added to the WHMCS Stripe module that could be turned on or off for new orders by new or existing clients. In essence, this would separate the Stripe authorization / capture process into two steps.

The process might look like this.

1. New order placed by a new or existing client using Stripe as payment method which is set to "authorize only" mode for new or existing client orders (see these options as check boxes in the payment modules configuration settings).
2. Using the Stripe capture method, the order is automatically authorized but not captured.
3. Service provider reviews the order and sees an option on the order to perform the capture (this could be an approve order button).
4. If service provider approves the order, the stripe capture completes payment for the order and the order is processed in WHMCS based upon the product/service auto setup settings for ordered product/service.
5. If service provider does not approve the order, the cancel option is taken which causes the module to send a cancel paymentintent to Stripe for the corresponding capture (this could be a cancel order button).

These options would only apply to new orders, not recurring payments for already approved orders.

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