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Hosting Account Quota Notifications

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I cant believe this does not exist in WHMCS!

When a client reaches his disk quota limit we get a notification from our Control Panel (in our case DirectAdmin). WHMCS already knows about this quota limit, if you go to the clients Hosting Product you can see the Disk, Bandwidth usage.

Currently we have to send out emails manually to clients advising them to reduce space or upgrade. But why does WHMCS not automatically send out an email to the customer when they reach the soft limit or near it? Why not also advise prior to nearing an other set threshold limit like 80% or 90% ?

So what i propose is that after the Cron job which WHMCS updates usage, it should automatically create a Support Ticket based on a email template in Email Templates, this ticket will notify the client automatically.

This should be in the Automation Settings or by Product in the Product "Other" tab. (i would do it by product)

What do you think?
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    Disk & Bandwidth Usage Emails
    I would like it if I could setup WHMCS to send emails to my clients when they reach certain levels (e.g. 75% usage) for both disk space and bandwidth. Cpanel already does this in a limited fashion however the emails are not easily controlled or worded. Using the existign email template system in WHMCS would be great.


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It's really necessary. Our hosting provider does not send emails to us but we need the whmcs to notify the client when it reaches some modifiable percentage. This is really necessary since many clients stop working with their hosting without knowing that they have no space left. The rate of complaints and support for not notifying the client also increases a lot. This requirement is too important by far the most important of those I have seen in recent times. We hope to have this development soon and thus offer a better service.
It is a great idea! Some of our clients assume the "disk warning" messages from cPanel are spam/scam.
Great idea, although not much of our clients reach the limits (only on smallest hosting package over the time).
This could be a good idea for a cron hook also. Not that difficult to make I believe.
John WHMCS See Here
Yes please, if the dev team can please advise and update us :)
+1 for ideia
A super feature !!!!
Please we need it!!! +1
This is a must !
Or maybe WHMCS is getting a fee from other companies who offer this with money, and this will never be done. ugh...
+1 tinfoil hat
Yes it is a very needed feature, I actually had to purchase this licence: it just works ok. But it would be great if it had more features and most importantly WHMCS native.
This should have been in WHMCS from the moment extra disk space was invoiced for, simply to make it easier for a client to know that his account is nearing quota and give him options: 1) remove unnecessary files, or 2) upgrade (with the correct URL + instructions to upgrade)
I had to disable hard disk limits in cPanel, because I charge for extra space used. This causes users to not get notifications. Also, I would rather it go through my billing and ticket system. I don't want them to get a cPanel email. An branded email from my company would be much better.

This feature is a must!
Adding to that: we need a comprehensive and branded email.

cPanel emails are often used as phishing attempts and I'd rather not have my client getting any of those so they are less likely to fall for it.
I need it too!!!

This is true but when accounts are made in cPanel by default cPanel uses a set email they made so really they 'might' not get these emails. This should be a feature of WHMCS directly and then it could be logged within their account. WHMCS v6.0 should also show this in the new notification area to make sure clients see it. Plus by WHMCS sending them it branded and looks like the emails they currently get and less likely to be JUNKED as they think its spam!

cPanel sends such quota emails to clients directly. Perhaps this would be a feature request that should be better directed to your server control panel vendor?
Hi John,

Yes Directadmin also does this just like cPanel. This is not what is needed here.

After WHMCS updates the disk & bandwidth usage I want WHMCS to send out the disk limit warning from the support department or open a support ticket automatically (this would notify customer).

Even better to accompany this, why is there not a setting in the Product > Module settings > Suspend at limit > Disk Usage? only for bandwidth.