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Allow clients to cancel product addons

  • Websavers shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Client Area

Currently if a client wishes to cancel a product addon there's no option to do so other than create a support ticket.

It would be great if customers could do this themselves and it would submit as a cancelation request in the same way that it occurs for regular products. Upon submission the actions completed would be identical to that of a regular product:

1. If an existing renewal invoice has this item on it, that line item would be removed. If it's the only line item, the invoice is canceled
2. If it's an immediate cancelation selected, termination function would run for module
3. If cancelation upon renewal, termination is run upon renewal and no invoices are generated

This was requested in the forums in September 2015 here:


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Really need this feature
We need to allow clients to cancel addons, such as SSL Certificates purchased via WHMCS Marketplace, etc.
This severely limits the use case of addons, in some situations configurable options are not ideal so the use of an addon works better such as a license tied to a particular service the addon is being added to.

In my case I require per user licensing tied to a service so the ability to add a user license for a particular feature to the main service is much better as an addon as customers can see all the extra licenses they are buying rather than being bundled into a single line item and it also improves the signup experience as they are not presented with 20 different config options for all possible licenses with very little detail about each.