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Show monthly price by paying annual

  • Elvis Garces shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Order Forms

Nowadays, almost all grander suppliers such as Godaddy show the product the lowest price they offer, usually the price of the month if it is paid all year, this to make the offer more attractive. The shopping cart shows the monthly price but paying monthly and if one has a lower price if you pay the year as a discount for prompt payment that is not seen until you select the buy button and goes to the prorateo selection.


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Well but that way I'm taking away the option of paying monthly, quarterly and half-yearly and that's not the idea

Thanks for your suggestion.

This can be achieved by enabling the Setup > General Settings > Ordering tab > Monthly Pricing Breakdown option. Then just configure an annual price for your product.
I think the idea is to show the cheapest price by default not just the monthly part or term. This has been added in another topic.
Hi John. I am afraid you misunderstood the issue here.

Let's say I offer 3 cycles:
1 month = 10 (10/month)
3 months = 24 (3/month)
12 months = 90 (7.5/month)

When you set monthly pricing breakdown the cart will show something like "from 10/month". What we need WHMCS to do is show us "from 7.5/month" as that is the actual lowest monthly price,

Meaning that as soon as the WHMCS user chooses monthly pricing breakdown it should also re-arrange the amount used to calculate the monthly price in the cart template.
Hi Sebastian,
It sounds like you're asking to display the longest or cheapest billing cycle first. Currently WHMCS displays the shortest first.
That is an interesting idea and would be worthy of its own feature request.