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Ability to disable domain sync emails

  • Richard Leishman shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Email

We (and many others from looking in Google) would like the ability to disable domain sync emails unless there is an issue/error in the domain sync. We currently have our corn set to 6 hours due to the number of domains we receive or transfer away on a daily/weekly basis and it fills up our email boxes.

Thank you


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I totally agree with this, let there be a view in the dashboard and only send emails when something goes wrong. Sending email everything is not ideal
Yes, I agree. A 'something went wrong' email would be ideal. I have a few WHMCS installations and it would be great to only receive emails when things go wrong with the cron job. Thank you!
Hi John,

Thanks for your response. Although the "System Emails" checkbox is close, if I disable this feature, I will no longer receive other important emails such as invalid login attempts.
Hi Richard,
Thanks for taking the time to submit this suggestion.

These important notification emails are grouped under the System Emails category, so as an immediate option can all be disabled by unticking that Email Notification option from your Administrator Role (Configuration > System Settings > Administrator Roles > Edit).
I think the point is that an email should be sent only if there is an issue - error / disabling it altogether is not what the requestor is asking.
Limit the email to 1 per day with a summary of any errors - OR - have an interface that allows you to review any domains with sync errors on one page in the admin area.
There really is no good reason to email any "everything went well" emails.
This can be shown in the dashboard, the only emails I would like to receive are when something went wrong.