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Improvement to Time Tracking / Timer

  • Justin Williams shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Project Management

This recent update to project management has made the time tracking less effective and creates more work. The new 'start timer' is always Unassigned and this means extra work and hassle allocating it to the specific task.

1. Can the Start Timer in the top offer a drop down to select a task to be assigned to rather than use unassigned?

2. In Time Tracking View, it would be handy to be able to quickly assign it to a task, without having to edit the time entry and edit the settings to specify which task it belongs to. Click on unassigned and select a new value would be much quicker. Also, a multi select of times to add to a task!

*Previously, I could add a task and set a timer within that task. If necessary I could set multiple timers to run which was handy as it was tied to the task. Now, it's floating about as unassigned and it's a hassle to assign to a task.

3. There seems to be a delay when adding a task and then assigning it to a timer. If you try adding a task and then start timer, it takes a long while before the task becomes available to select within the timer. It takes a few refreshes to get the task visible before the time can be assigned.

4. Sort Order of time tracking. I have LOTS of entries as I run all my SEO clients through this and monitor several hours every week on an ongoing basis. It would be better to adjust the view of times so that the latest time entry is displayed first and the oldest is displayed last. As it stands, I see the oldest entry is displayed first which isn't helpful.

5. You have a hide function for completed tasks. This would be handy for times also, especially if you can't sort the sort order and have most recent first. I don't need to see old times from 6 months ago, but I do need to keep them.

I like this tool but the latest update has added a few niggles for me.


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Agreed. I'm still using the old version becasue the new version is more work. It looks pretty but usability wise it's much worse. Too may features in the old version are somehow missing or harder in the new version.
It is also very hard to see time by task like we used to. The new update is makes tracking time totally ineffective.