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Service contracts and retainers

Retainers (prepay for an amount of tickets and/or time).
Service contracts (pay for monthly support, maybe a retainer wich you are able to subscribe to that gets reseted every month, should also able to add to a hosting product as an addon).


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I don't understand why someone would want this particular functionality *as part of project management*. Totally get why it's being requested, but I don't see it as connected to the Project Management system which is designed to help track actual projects, not service contracts.

This, to me, is a completely separate system, such as what Modules Garden has built as part of their Time and Task Manager or Holodyn's Time Log & Time Credit System for WHMCS that just happens to share *some* similarity in terms of logging time and tasks.
yes, any news on this?
Doesn't almost every IT company use this feature? I would think this should be standard. Please add!
yes, any movement on this 'feature'
Any idea if this will ever be done, very useful feature..??
Any news on this? Would love this feature...
So many votes no official response... WHMCS whats going on!? I really hope this comes out in v6!
Any movement on this?!
Looks like this does the trick for now:
This would help WHMCS cut into the market share of BlueCamroo, AffinityLive, and several other client management systems... great idea!
We need this. It would also be nice to open tickets upon a inventory list for customers. We could customize the inventory list based on the columns we need to track and import a full list via excel. This list can also be viewed by the customer in there portal!
Yes, and it would be nice if time logged through project management could feed the invoice process just as it does today, but with the addition of appropriate retainer credit and discount features for the related invoice:

* Display available retainer or "expiring credit" amount to be applied to related invoice
* Apply all or a portion of retainer or "expiring credit" to related invoice
* Apply predetermined discount percentage (Client Group) to entire invoice and/or certain invoice lines
* Clearly display retainer or "expiring credit" amount applied to invoice so it's obvious to client being billed
* Clearly display discount percentage and/or amount applied to invoice so it's obvious to client being billed
Yes, this feature would be a big help. This is the detail of our need and what we would like to see.

Feature Request: Retainer or Expiring Credit Support

We offer service plans to our clients that function as an expiring retainer fee that can be applied to future invoices. The retainer amount is purchased and applied to work performed during that period (monthly or whatever). Any remaining credit amount expires at the end of the period.

The retainer is most like a recurring product/service that generates a CREDIT INVOICE and creates or adds to a special credit balance for a client. This credit balance *can* be applied to future invoices and each credit has an expiration date. For this to work well, the unexpired credit balance would need to be visible when invoicing so that it could optionally and easily applied to an invoice (reducing the available, unexpired credit balance). Ideally, it would be added as a credit line item on the invoice or otherwise identified on the invoice so that it's VERY CLEAR to the client that he or she is receiving the credit.

Similarly, we need the "Client Groups" feature expanded so that it can optionally be applied to invoices and/or certain invoice line items. For example, we often bill for labor/service and materials on a single invoice. The labor/service is discounted based on the retainer (service plan) purchased by the client, but the materials are not discounted. This part is the least difficult step of the service plan billing process, but still prone to error as billers must keep track of which customers have service plans (and which do not) and manually discount the appropriate line items. Ideally, the discount would be added as a credit line item on the invoice or otherwise identified on the invoice so that it's VERY CLEAR to the client that he or she is receiving the discount and the amount of the discount.

Right now, we have to manually keep track of all service plan billing to be sure we apply the appropriate credit (without going over or under) and discount for each client. This is tedious and error prone. We'd like automated this process with WHMCS.