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Set Financial Year

  • Robert Appleton shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Reporting

Not everyones financial year runs January -> December
Ours runs April -> March each year, so we end up running two reports and manually combining.

It would be useful to specify financial year within settings and report on that period


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Hello, yes this feature would be most beneficial for people who operate on a different financial year. It would also integrate better with Xero, as this accounting software is fully customisable depending on when your financial reporting obligations (taxes) are due by. Thanks and have a nice day. Kind regards, James Rowe.
1st July - 30th June, reporting in, this would be very handy.
My financial year is: 1st July - 30th June. It's very frustrating and time consuming not being able to select this in WHMCS
Our Financial Year runs from Jan -> Dec but yes, there should be an Option.

Maybe this can placed under "Setup > Payments > Tax Configuration > Field: Auto Reset Numbering".
This is similar: