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Cloudflare Registrar Module

  • Brad Baker shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Integrations

WHMCS, please can you urgently create a Cloudflare Domains module. This will be one of the most popular domain registrars soon, and WHMCS would not want to get left behind without a module.



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Hi there,
Thanks for your suggestion, comments and votes.

At this time the Cloudflare Registrar offering is not aimed at resellers such as WHMCS users, neither does the API provide the option to perform all the basic functions you'd expect. For example it is not possible to update domain contact details via API.
Therefore at this time we cannot implement a Cloudflare Registrar module.

As the offering develops and matures to provide the required minimum functionality we'd welcome a new request to re-examine this in future.
If there was a module for CloudFlare's Domain Registrar I would totally use it. I have the majority of my clients and my websites under CloudFlare's DNS because it is so great!
As far as I can tell, Cloudflare don't provide a reseller system/API for their registrar operation yet.

Also, all domains registered through them automatically "belong" to the Cloudflare account holder, so wouldn't be very helpful if you were reselling domains to 3rd parties. There's only one place to set "WHOIS details" and those settings apply across all domains in the Cloudflare account.
Thanks for the heads up on this. Agreed.. Until CF can address those deficiencies, not much use as a registrar other than personal domain purchasing.
I agree with ScottN I'm so tired of getting ripped off by enom....and the others ain't much better. Plus we send the name servers to Cloudflare anyway so why not buy domains with the domain protectors? Makes sense to me.
Yes, please! i will add so much more to WHMCS and its clients and resellers
Yes, please! So tired of getting ripped off by eNom/Tucows.
Yes please
This would be a welcome addition to the list of Registrar modules.
it would be great
WOW, this would be a great module. Could be a thirdpart add to instead of just WHMCS creating it.