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Allow the ability to create aliases in OX AppSuite

Please allow aliases to be assigned to individual mailboxes so that a single mailbox can receive mail for multiple email addresses. This would be a one-to-one mapping, ie [email protected] -> [email protected]

In addition, group aliases would be great to have as well, so that multiple mailboxes can receive the same mail sent to a single email address. ie [email protected] -> [email protected], [email protected]



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This should be an option already. Not only does every other paid email platform offer this, but other companies that sell OX even have the ability to create aliases. The OX platform is actually great to sell, however I can't see how we're going to handle customers that want a simple alias without making them purchase an entire mailbox and make them set up the forwarding from within it. This should be a standard feature.
I gave a try to OX App Suite for several months, but now I am going to stop reselling it. The reason, there is no way to sell a product that doesn't give the option to my customers to create "aliases". There are other companies such as Google Workspace that offer that option, including Microsoft 365. My customers technically have moved to Google and Microsoft because they offer the "aliases" option.

I hope you can implement "aliases" into OX APP, so I can consider reselling it again.
ox mail is useless for many clients without this ability