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Create promo codes from API

  • Rodrigo Baldasso shared this idea 10 years ago
  • Developers


I'm developing a system integrated with google adwords that would display a custom promo code for a client. However, WHMCS doesn't allow the creation of promo codes from the API and only get a list of them.

I want to be able to create promo codes with all the options (expiry date, allowed usage and etc.)



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I want this feature, has anyone found a workaround in the meanwhile?
1+ for this request.
1+ for this request.
I would like to boost this, This is needed, please add it
Same need here...
Mysql INSERTs is just what we want to avoid...
I was looking for it. I'll just reverse engineering this by creating my own MySQL request :(
WHMCS.... please look in this request... useful feature
Definitely a must! :)
This feature will help a lot!