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API WHMCS GetProducts Hidden Products

  • Ronny Gonzalez shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Developers

The GetProducts action shows products, but it does not retrive the hidden products, nor does it show the hidden property. Is there a way to retrive hidden Products from the API?
Merged Ideas
    Include 'hidden' status in GetProducts API call
    My specific requirement is that the GetProducts API call returns products and the products configoptions, however there's no way to tell if a configoption option is hidden and therefore we can't use the API call to get a list of available options AND choose to not show the hidden ones. Even if you don't automatically hide the hidden ones, it only makes sense to provide the hidden status here.


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This is rather important for developers. Pretty sad that because only developers will want to vote on it, it's unlikely to ever become popular enough for WHMCS to actually take it on via this system.
I have already request for this feature: