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.csv import domains prices

  • Cosmin Stanescu shared this idea 8 years ago
  • Developers

Because with new gtld is horror to change more 200 prices and for every extension * 10 years I think an excel/csv template with all prices for every extension and ability to import it in WHMCS is a great ideea.


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Found this folks but it's out of date (version 6), could anyone please carry it on and allow for the adding of 1, 2 and 3 year pricing please
Wished this was available, specially useful for companies like us that don't have USD or EUR as main currency.

Inflation in many countries forces us to edit pricing constantly, and we still don't have a tool to make this changes easily.
Not only should this be a feature, but since we will be importing wholesale prices, we should be able to nominate a price increase to apply to the imported value e.g. imported price + 50% (or whatever).
This should be norm long ago. WHMCS increase prices since but this essential feature not implemented. Why?
tell today no update ?
It's all a priority game, obviously there are more urgent/important features to roll out. And maybe there is already a tool for this (that we do not know of).
another 3 year old idea that is still "under consideration".
typing domains ext. & prices when make agreement with any registrar it take so long boring time, we need import tools to make it easy.
I can't believe this isn't already a feature, would be a real help
Import / export in CSV + API !
Game changer right here!
We need this so badly!
I've got 647 domains to MANUALLY add from
Yes, and add an export in identical format as well, so that we don't have to build the first csv ourselves.
Agreed. It's a horrible nightmare when it comes to update prices for a huge amount of domain extensions, not to mention there could be other pricing slabs.

WHMCS should upgrade the pricing table UI as well. The table should list out bulk number of domain extensions, with 1 to 10 years in one page to allow quick edit. The existing editing process is such a pain in the arse.
BUMP. Essential feature. The module could support not only .csv but xml + have the option to setup profit margin, this way you can import all TLD's straight from the providers.