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Add API for domain pricing updates

  • Michael shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Developers

I would like to see new API functions to be able to update domain pricing for new registrations and for existing domains.

Basically it should be possible to

  • Update registration pricing
  • Update renewal pricing
  • Update transfer pricing
  • Update already registered Domains with new renewal pricing

I know it´s not very complex to do that with mysql queries, but then I need to monitor future changes of WHMCS, database schema and so on very carefully. I would like to be able to do that by API calls and let WHMCS do the internal checkings.


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This would be really useful, we would like to see this added in the near future.
Hey Toki, the mass price updater is not working correctly (try it if you offer .com and as TLD for example...) and is not a replacement for this request. For the mass updater you need to enter it manually for each domain or group of domains and it does NOT update domain pricing itself, only for existing clientdomains.
There is also a (somewhat) new API call for updating existing clientdomain pricing but NOT for the domain pricing itself. (register, transfer, renew)

Ah and yes, if you rely on currency exchange... updating frequently is something to consider.
Yes please!
YES -- I need that because my currency is fluctuating so much I need to update the prices WEEKLY!
Is this something you do a lot? Usually an API is for something you do all the time or very frequently. For example execute at least once a day. Are you really updating prices for your customers every day? If not, the mass module that updates pricing should be a better option. I would rather see that improved and let you massively change and update pricing for a lot of TLD's instead of having to execute an API request for every single TLD which would be a pain in the butt unless the API you propose includes changing all of them at once.