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Change currency rate source

  • Duplika shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

WHMcs uses a currency rate source that is unable to convert automatically some currencies like ARS (Argentine peso).

I see similar requests for other currencies; I wonder if it's possible to manually point to another currency rate source, so these requests are solved.

I'm aware this was a problem on 7.6; maybe being able to select different sources would help avoid any kind of similar issue on the future.


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we need a convertion rate from Argentina
Whilst it is not possible for WHMCS to obtain the rates for ARS, using the hook, it is possible for you to obtain the exchange rate yourself and apply it to your WHMCS.
Hi! Copying the format seen on, and using the data provided by, I made this for anyone that uses USD as main currency:

So, if I where to have the possibility to replace the URL you are using with my own, I could automate the update of currencies I use that yours does not support (UYU, COP and, most importantly, ARS).
Hi there,
Thanks for the suggestion.
We've always used the ECB currency feed for exchange rates:
Is there an alternative feed you'd like to use instead?
I would like to see UAH support as well as - they require account to use their APIs but they have free tier which allows 1k requests/month - it is enough to update currency rates each hour.

However it will require to enter App ID into WHMCS admin interface to be usable.