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SendEmail API Needs "User ID" Support

  • Murat Tahtaci shared this idea 2 years ago
  • Core System
  • 1 Comment


We have to send a mail to User (not to Client) via SendEmail API.
If the "user_id" option is added, it will be very useful to everyone.


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Hi Murat,
Thanks for your suggestion.
Email communications are directed at the Client Account and copied to Contacts (not users). At present you can add the email as a Contact, send the email to the Client Account and the contact will receive a copy.

What email messages would you like to send to Users which is not accommodated by the current design?
I think this point of view is wrong and incomplete. The reason is, there is no obligation for a user to have a client. But even if the person does not have the client, they can log in. When a user has multiple clients while logging in, the client does not log on on behalf of.

For example, when the person logs in, I want to send him an email for security reasons. To send an e-mail to the logged in user (When the client is not selected, no client is assigned to it on client area).

You separated the User and the Client, but you still treat them as if they were together.