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Multi-company support

  • Eric Caldwell shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Core System

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WHMCS needs to have a way to support a multi-tennant or multi-company setup. This would allow companies like mine, which have multiple identities to keep branding in tact while at the same time, consolidating all quoting, support, billing, etc. from a single system.

Having to manage 2 installations is a PITA because you then have to have a separate hosting account, SSL, etc. You can already brand the frontend using the template= syntax in the URL.



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While we understand there is interest in this type of functionality, full and complete multi-company support would be a very large undertaking and require significant architecture changes to many areas of the WHMCS product. As a result, at this time this is not something we are able to commit to delivering.
What is the status of this feature? Multiple Companies? We have one entity from France and one from the UK; our customers in the UK will be billed by our UK entity and our customer in France from our France entity. There is no solution for that, and it is an essential feature for a lot of us. thank
It is an excellent idea, the "multi-company" should be created, many very important CMS in e-commerce such as "Prestashop" offer this option by "default"
I'd also like to see this ...

It would be great to be able to add custom domains, assign different website & email templates, use dedicated email addresses and payment info etc. but provision all services from the same set of domain registrars, hosting servers etc etc. and have separate ticketing etc.
I would like this too? Not so much to run different brands although would consider it, but more to offer support to various businesses in that we can answer support tickets for different companies but from our own helpdesk. Saves having to log in to different customers helpdesks.
Any update from WHMCS? @Matt?
I also see SupportPal was not mentioned which offers the same, but I'm not sure how good it is, and I don't see any reviews on it.
I'd prefer to use WHMCS for such important work.

I think WHMCS are missing out, because many providers would only run one brand, but may test other brands if it was easy to do with WHMCS.
>offer support to various businesses in that we can answer support tickets for different companies but from our own helpdesk. Saves having to log in to different customers helpdesks.

When I say that, I mean it would be good to be able to connect to different WHMCS installs (different brands) from the main WHMCS using API username and password. Then the main/primary brand can answer tickets at other WHMCS installs (different brands) from the main WHMCS install (main hosting provider or provider who offer server management services).

Surprised WHMCS haven't jumped all over that.

For example, the primary provider offers support to different hosting brands and charge each different hosting brand £40-100/month for server management/helpdesk support and WHMCS are paid £5-10 for each brand that is connected to the main WHMCS install (main/primary brand).

So really, WHMCS still keep all the licenses they have just their customers can use the software in a better way, and it should increase the license count, not decrease it! Plus additional income for the brands being added to lots of WHMCS licenses.
Hi Chris,

If you are looking for a module that can connect to other WHMCS installs on a different domain and pull in tickets and allow you to respond to them as you would in your main WHMCS i can look to develop a module for this.

Would it connect to the secondary WHMCS and pull every ticket available or only from a specific department. Would permissions need to be setup on the second WHMCS based on the API Key?

Can you give some more details.

We would also pay for that, also 5x and 10x price. We have multiple companies in multiple countries, so different taxes, different payment methods and so on. It's a horror to manage this all and now, after about 1 year of custom development we have it working, but this is a "monster" and every whmcs update takes about a month to test and to check if all customizations are working correctly.
Just for the record, I would also be happy to pay for an additional licence for each brand/domain, so as stated, no money lost for WHMCS.
It is such a pain having to maintain multiple separate systems, especially when it comes to support tickets.
We purchased the MG module... too many bugs. This is really needed or we are going to have to look for a replacement for WHMCS.
yes this is exactly what I have said before too.
This feature is desperately needed.

I'm sure everyone requesting it would be happy to continue to pay for 1 license PER brand so there would be no lost revenue.
some modulesgarden modules are OK adn we use it, like time and task manager, cpanel extended, etc, but all always have bugs. Support fix it, but if you buy from modulesgarde need unestand that will have bugs and need time to lead with support until they loggin yo your system and fix it.. and be afraid for new updated, beacuse will break module, will change features as they want and will fix the bugs, but you need patient and time..
I'm using time and task manager from Modulesgarden, it saves me a ton of time and their support is fine.
If all 239 people that added their votes to this ticket added a comment, maybe WHMCS will put an update on it!
Modules Garden has a multi brand module... But I think having something like this within WHMCS out of the box would be great!
Modules Garden is clunky and does not work correctly.
I wouldn't trust anything from Modules Garden. Any modules I ever tried of theirs was flaky, buddy and unreliable, as was the support. And I have seen plenty of other comments stating the same.
How long is this going to be under consideration? Hundreds of people already voted for it. Either put it on the roadmap or decline so we know we should find another solution. 6 years is too long...
I am getting the feeling that they will never implement this as they want us to buy multiple licenses instead.
Although I would gladly pay for 2 licenses if I could do this in a single installation.