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One place to upload logo files for all the logos in the system that will not be overwritten

Please create one place to upload a logo file that will effect all the relevant logo location in the system and will not be overwritten when doing an update / autoupdate to the system

I'm talking about 2 thing here:

1. Have one place to upload a logo file to instead of several places:
and another logo from the setup wizard (or setup -> general settings -> general tab -> Logo URL) that appears in the system emails.

So instead of 5 places to add logos (most of them manually) - have one central place to add our logo to tee system.

2. Have all of those logos to not be overwritten during an update / auto- update:

When doing the update all of the logos should not be effected by the update.

Using the automatic updater only emphasize the need for one place to keep logo file that will not be overwritten in the update process.

Manually changing the logo in 5 places (at least) after every upgrade is cumbersome and unneeded - the same for creating a custom template just to keep the logo file.
There is permanent info that should be kept in the system - even after updating to a new version - the logo file is one of them.
This issue is relevant even without the new automatic updater - but adding this new and important feature make such a fix very important, and not hard to implement...


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I wanted to explain why we have currently set this request to Declined:

We have opened CORE-10253 to track the issue with the new, uploaded logo in the Wizard not appearing in emails. We have also opened CORE-10256 to track adding the logo that is uploaded in the Wizard to invoice PDFs. We have no intention of supporting setting custom logos within the admin area or client area using the Wizard - we see using custom template files as the best avenue for this. The reason being some of our customers do not want this functionality within a new set up wizard - they do not want to be stuck with just one image for all aspects of their site. By modifying these files in the appropriate templates, our customers will have the flexibility that we want them to have.

We will continue to monitor the Feature Request site regarding this request.
Yeah, this is absolutely a no brainer. I was actually quite amazed how they haven't considered this sooner.