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Allow you to set custom URLs such as, /clientarea.php to /portal

  • David Berndtsson shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Core System
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Add option to change the url of sites within whmcs. Such as being able to change the url of to This will also help with SEO since google deranks pages that have similar content and url structure.


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It's very helpful to not only write the URLs, but in general, if you decide how to write the URLs
Because everyone has other ideas about how he wants to make his links, one wants only / portal the others, but for example. / account / dashboard and and and
I could not agree more. I am guessing you could do a similar rewrite as I did for nginx friendly urls for whmcs as seen here, but it is not practical
@Devid Thanks for your tip, however, we use Apache and no nginx