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Hourly Billing

  • Anonymous shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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It would be very nice if hosting bills were calculated hourly instead of daily. Our hosting is all cloud servers and it is very reasonable for someone to upgrade to a larger server at 8:00am and downgrade again at 7:00pm the same day. We need the charge and credit calculations to work properly in shorter timeframes than full days.

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Hourly web hosting/vps billing feature required.
You really need to add this feature. Hourly billing is not going away, and by only allowing for prepaid billing, is making WHMCS more obsolete.
We need this, please
Don't care anymore about this...
We are currently in 2021 and 95% of cloud providers do hourly billing. Please keep WHMCS competitive and release this feature.
We’re on 2022 and still nothing ;(
This would be a great feature to add into the platform!
Hi there,
With just 18 votes in 5 years, this is not currently a very popular request. But please keep voting and drumming up support. Should this request gain traction in future we can certainly reconsider it.
Any updates regarding this feature?

All cloud providers now mainly depend on hourly rate and monthly rate, we need to do the same through WHMCS. 5 Years are too much to decide to build this feature or no. Other developers make use of this feature and sell it with overpriced cost that reached $120 yearly!!!! and $650 as owned!!!!
It would be great if WHMCS support for this.
+1 for this
This is without a doubt a must-have feature for me.
Yes, a shame this is still missing. All things cloud have so far completely bypassed WHMCS.