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Expense - Balance Feature

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I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, etc.) and have a balance agains what we earn, so we can see how are we doing, there are some add ons out there, but I think this can be integrated, I know Matt said before that WHMCS does not do that, the quiestion is, Why not?
I think if WHMCS can add Expense and CRM functionality, improves Project Management add on then we need nothing else!
Thank you.
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    Showing how much expenses we have towards third parties
    I would like to see an option to see how much expenses per product we have towards "third parties" for example for our script renewals, domain payment etc. so we would have some sort of balance of what we earn and have to pay and It would make the accountancy/administration so much easier.
    Official Expenses Managment
    Having a Official WHMCS Expenses Management will maximize all needs when using a such great platform. like Project management addon, we will be very pleased if WHMCS develop a management expense addon. This topic already were discussed on community and attracts experts users on community.Hope WHMCS think about create this addon like project management and increase their profit, providing millions of end users an OFFICIAL ADDON. from 6 years ago:


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Yes please! Now that we don't have this functionality, we have to utilize another CRM in order to handle things mentioned above.

The currenct Transaction List is not working because you can place only Income/Expenses which are tied to existing client. It should be tied to "Partner" (or whatever) and as "Partner" it should consider both clients and also suppliers which i would be able to add manually. I'll present 2 situations we faced and made us consider that the current format is not useful enough. Solution is being suggested below.

Example #1:
Let's say i want to add the monthly expenses for cPanel. I'll have to add in the Description "cPanel September 2023". What happens though if an employee writes in the Description "cP-Sep23"? I won't be able to alocate all the payments i made to cPanel because the only way for it to work is to create a norm saying that "You must write the description exactly this way or you won't be able to find anything". You can't work this way.

Example #2:
Let's say 5 different suppliers for the SSL certificates i sell because each of them is giving me better prices on different SSL companies. The income from a SSL sale is getting into the system through the invoices. If i need to also add the expense of each SSL, i won't be able to do it because i'm being limited to either the Description of the expense or the Invoice. If i use any of these two, how am i going to search later what expenses i had on the SSLs from a specific supplier? The only feasible way for it to work is to keep an extremely strict and long form norm for the Description. Again, you can't work this way.

In the "Add Transaction" panel there should ideally be 2 extra fields:
a) "Supplier" where i will be able to select the supplier. The field can be a drop down menu where i select the supplier from a list i have created earlier. This list must be able to be altered by my company which means that i must be able to add suppliers and also deleted other suppliers. If i'm not able to do that and it has pre-entered fields like "hosting, ssl, domains" only, then it's also of no use. With the Supplier field in place, i can attach any expense to that supplier without the need to write anything in the description or add any invoice. This way i would be very easily able to later check what i have paid to that supplier in X time.

b) "Group" where i will be able to select the pre-created Group. The Group does not necessarily need to be anything special. If it could work just like the Supplier field, i would be able to set any transaction to any Group i want. This way i can for example set the transactions A, E and Z to the Group "B Country". This way if i later search for Transactions within the Group "B Country", i'll get the transactions A, E and Z, no matter if those transactions are income or expenses. At the end, if i'm able to create more Groups, it would make our life a ton more organized.

Hope this helps identify the functionality that's missing.
Yes, very useful. And that an analysis of monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual earnings and expenses could be made. In addition to making projections for the future, based on recurring costs and earnings, but on earnings the warning is just a forecast.
Right now I am only able to pull a Report from WHMCS and calculate all of the Income generated over the year. It would be great to be able to input a list of all business Expenses and be able to see a breakdown of all Expense Category totals. This would help most especially for tax purposes. There are several 3rd party modules out there already that do this (poorly) and they rarely keep up to date or provide good/detailed reporting that is functionally necessary.

1) Expense module should be able to list the following in a Report:
Date of Transaction, Vendor, Expense Category, Payment Method, Transaction ID/Reference, Amount, Associated Client.

2) Expense module should also be able to provide Expense Category Totals in a Report

3) It would also be great if we could mass load all Expenses using a .csv template. I can right now format all of my credit card transactions, bank transactions, and paypal transactions into excel. It would be amazing if I could just upload them all at once instead of having to enter in manually.
Also, maybe an area to upload a photo of the receipt/invoice paid.
Hi Jason,

This sounds very much like what you might do with your accounting package. What is the goal of trying to duplicate that information within WHMCS?

Some of us don't need an accounting package. Many of us literally only need a list of categorized expenses. Right now I have an excel spreadsheet but it would be *extremely* helpful if WHMCS's transactions feature supported recurring expenses and categories, because that would eliminate my need to maintain a separate spreadsheet and combine my reporting. This might even make it possible for WHMCS to have a projected net revenue report for upcoming months, which would be very helpful.
Can you elaborate for us on how the current Transactions functionality, which includes the ability to enter transactions for outgoing amounts, does not fulfil the need here?

I actually didn't know the transactions feature existed but after looking at it, a way to add recurring expenses and keep a list of vendors would be very helpful, especially for business expenses that aren't connected to specific clients.
And expense/income categories.
Hi Greg,
Thanks for the reply. Perhaps an area we need to explore is the experience around transactions if that functionality was not obvious or clear. The ability to setup recurring expense transactions as well as categories for transactions would both be valid feature requests, but should be submitted separately so users can have a chance to vote for and comment on them individually.
Okay I did - sent for moderation.
We hope to add soon
thank you
Can you make this happen, also if possible, I would like to be able to add an expense attached to a product or service offering so this way it's easier to know when a customer buys a service how much it's going to cost as a reseller and it can calculate the cost per month.
Yes, a simple list to track Expenses and provide Categories would be most helpful when doing Taxes at the end of the year.
Can't you use the Transactions options and add (sadly manually) the Amount Out or Fees?
Need this!
very important
Agreed !
I would vote a million times for this. It doesn't have to replace Quickbooks obviously with all the bank connections and payroll and whatnot, but it would be amazing to have a simple leger where we could enter once-off and recurring expenses, categorize them, and see them included in the income graphs. And attach a receipt image to the expense entry.

That would be so helpful.
This is a great value function to add. Go ahead!
Actually I agree that WHMCS is not designed to replace an accounting system, and I already has my accounting system, but considering that WHMCS are helps a lot in management, and reports, and also helping in analysis business health, it would be even better if reports could shows status of not all income in but also balance regarding expenses...That is why it could be just an addon not core directly integrated.

I am not asking WHMCS to develop it on next release or even next months, but this brain storm is to try to make developers think about...All business exists in a way or another...all regard profit. So like there is these official addon: Project management, Software Licenses, Live chat, etc, etc, Expenses could be an addon too. Of course it will need man work, and later only relax and grow profit for WHMCS.

With an expenses track will help a really better analysis of business Heath every moment and this is not related to be an certified accounting system. I agree that WHMCS will not be an account system because lots of requirement rather than expense....