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111 Votes
Quote Generator

I think it would be possibly the most revolutionary feature you have added yet, for web designers in quote tools, if you created an Instant Quote Gene...

8 Votes
More API functions for Licensing Addon

I am writing this request to suggest that some serious consideration for the License Addon needs updates.I would like to see:* Expanded API to allow m...

63 Votes
Square payment processor integration

Square ( is a payment processing company that has been on the rise for a while. It would be great if you could allow for them to...

36 Votes
Add Configurable Options to Bulk Pricing Updater

Currently in order to update product prices for existing clients with configurable options we have to specify the "Current Price" for every...

0 Votes
Option for customers to hide or archive cancelled services

Active and longer term customers can get quite a list of services that are cancelled.Sometimes this bothers them and they would rather not see a servi...

25 Votes
Custom Invoice Status

We'd like WHMCS to have customizable invoice statuses, for reporting purposes, such as Overdue, Collections, Bad Debt and such. I saw another topic wi...

3 Votes
Braintree Payment Gateway

I recommend adding Braintree Gateway that uses their Braintree vault. There is now no third party that has a braintree module that utilises the vault....

3 Votes
Coupons marked as used upon payment

Would be great to make WHMCS promotional codes / coupons be marked as used once they really are, I mean, when a code its entered by a client and an or...

0 Votes
create invoice API - add parameter for Product ID or custom field with product SKU

HI,in the create invoice API we cn only use a description, but its very important to be able to identify products that exist in WHMCS, I sugest that t...

0 Votes
Display order processing animation after clicking Complete Order

Re-attaching the idea which was added by Mr. Jeremy! Since the feature said to be available from v7.6, asking if this is available now. Since I'm unab...

3 Votes
Show Amount Due for a Invoice and Not Original Invoice Amount

Show Amount Due for a Invoice and Not Original Invoice Amount1. Customer portal invoices2. Administrator Unpaid InvoicesBoth do not reflect partial pa...

9 Votes
Do not delete invoices even after expire or redemption

I would consider seriously to find a more permanent solution to not delete invoices but set a pointer active or inactive invoice. You should have all...

47 Votes
prevent clients from editing custom fields

Hello,currently you can prevent the fields of whmcs standards, would be a good idea to have the possibility of preventing the custom fields.Regards,Al...

44 Votes
admin only knowledgebase system in WHMCS

Hi, we need a way to use the knowledgebase for inside information / admin only.We want to use some of the articles in the knowledgebase without lettin...

138 Votes
Allow customer to renew hosting product at any time

Right now if the customer would like to renew their hosting early, they have to contact us because there is no option to renew for web hosting in WHMC...

10 Votes
Allow us to block invoice payments if email of a client is unverified

Hello,I noticed that most clients don't bother to verify their emails. Therefore, I thought of a simple solution, that would allow us to "force&q...

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33 Votes
Allowing a Client to be Assigned to Multiple Client Groups

It would be very helpful if you could assign a client to multiple client groups. As it is now, you can only assign them to one group. However, the a...

50 Votes
Allow customers to change his own billing cycle

We have a lot of requests, where customers would change the billing cycle. Some customers do this more than one times a year.Think about an option on...

153 Votes
Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

4 Votes
Api function DomainDelete

Hi,There are several Domain funtions but I am missing the API function DomainDelete. In the backoffice/Dashboard there is a Delete button where you ca...

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