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26 Votes
3rd Party Knowledgebase Modules

It would be great if the knowledgebase could be switched out, much like the support system can be in WHMCS.For example, changing the KB to a WordPress...

90 Votes
Add Easy Translation to Configurable options and Product addons

I am running a Dutch/English website. So I like the new ability to rename products and their headers. However I desperately need to be able to transla...

4 Votes
Mailing List and Banner for Individual Network status events

It would be nice, if customer can subscribe to new network issues, so they get informed if we add an Entry or resolve, etc.If an new entry was created...

65 Votes
PHP 8.0 support

Make WHMCS support PHP >=8.0

39 Votes
Adding an item in the middle of an invoice (blank line at certain point in invoice)

I keep track of client billing on a draft invoice and when it's time to bill I change the draft invoice to live. I write the items by date on the invo...

36 Votes
Forward an email to open a ticket

Many of the large ticketing systems (Zendesk, SupportPal, FreshDesk, etc.) allow the ability for an administrator/ticket operator to forward an email...

40 Votes
Include link to reset password in Client Signup Email

When manually creating clients, the process to get the user to create their password is extremely cumbersome. It would be great if we could include a...

21 Votes
Set Financial Year

Not everyones financial year runs January -> DecemberOurs runs April -> March each year, so we end up running two reports and manually combining...

128 Votes
Quote Generator

I think it would be possibly the most revolutionary feature you have added yet, for web designers in quote tools, if you created an Instant Quote Gene...

5 Votes
Domain / TLD category edit via Admin

It would be useful to be able to assign and manage each TLD that is for sale to a category via the admin area.Today, the categories and the assigned T...

9 Votes
Add to the GetClients and GetClientsDetails API calls the option to search client by phone number

Hi,Now there is a way to search by phone number only on the contact level - but there is no such way on the client level.Now I can use the GetContacts...

4 Votes
Add support to modify client area template for addon products.

The Client Area is designed to only be modified by the "_ClientArea" function of the module being used by the Product/Service itself. This P...

2 Votes
Support Ticket Escalations improvement

Helloplease add this useful options to "Support Ticket Escalations" .1- add reply if contain phrase 2- add reply if ticket opened by custome...

16 Votes
Wave intergration

This is something that would really help small to medium businesses .As 80% of my business runs of wave and adding in a online service (WHMCS) that mo...

11 Votes
Option to automatically change all invoices and services to default payment method

As an admin manually placing orderfor clients, it would be beneficial if the default payment method settings for WHMCS services were expanded upon and...

6 Votes
retrieve free domain list from API GetProducts

the goal is to find out the list of domains that will be free when choosing a particular product

26 Votes
Assign ticket to Contact

We often need to assign a ticket to a particular contact but we aren't able to unless we manually update the database with the correct contactid.We ca...

52 Votes
additional authentication options for POP3 Exchange Online

we use office365 Exchange Online for our helpdesk email account.WHMCS helpdesk retrieves these mails via pop3 authenication.Microsoft has announced th...

23 Votes
Microsoft Teams Integration OR Activity Stream

Greetings, We have very much enjoyed the WHMCS Slack integration, but we are now moving to Microsoft Teams and would love to see an integration down t...

35 Votes
Option to Overwrite Scheduled Email Campaigns Frequency

The new Email Campaigns Tool in WHMCS 8.0 is pleasing, especially the Schedule Campaign option. However, the Email Campaign functionality currently ha...