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10 Votes
Milestones & Sub-Tasks

You should be able to create milestones and then under the milestone, add in the tasks and sub-tasks that need to be done in order to get the mileston...

38 Votes
Easy DNS Setup

The domain section had made huge leaps in the last couple of releases but it would be good to have an function using the cPanel API that would allow t...

3 Votes
External Downloads URL

I think a new addition should be made to the Downloads portion for WHMCS. When you go to create a download you have manual upload or enter file name....

204 Votes
Monthly Emailed PDF Statement

We need a monthly statement showing what a client owes and need to be able to dictate the date each month it gets emailed out.It should show which are...

8 Votes
If you have enough credit, you should be able to hide the payment methods at checkout.

If you have enough credit, you should be able to hide the payment methods at checkout.

6 Votes
Filter for Unassigned tickets

Right now I can filter my ticket queue based on which of my technicians the tickets are assigned to. I'd like a filter which would allow me to see onl...

3 Votes
Validate license against Users of the customer

Hi,We would like to have the Licenser Add on validate a license against existing Users for the customer (the licensee would validate against the licen...

0 Votes
Sync Server feature for Virtualmin

It would be really useful to have a more complete server integration plugin for Virtualmin servers.Ideally one that would allow account creation, susp...

0 Votes
Edit Affiliates on Orders

There are times where I need to change or remove an affiliate from orders. If there was an "edit" button next to the affiliate name that bro...

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Invoice Payment Confirmation with tax document

Hi,We use the InvoicePaid hook to generate a tax document here in Brazil. I would like to send the tax document together with the Invoice Payment Conf...

0 Votes
Multiple Specific Invoice Payments at once in the Client Area

It would be nice if you guys would bring back en option where clients can check and pick which invoices they want to pay for in client area. Multiple...

43 Votes
Ability to stop sending payment reminder emails for specific clients

Right now we can disable sending overdue notices on a per client basis. Using the "Don't Send Overdue Emails" option in the client profile.W...

118 Votes
Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no iss...

7 Votes
Allow replace generic product image

Products and services display in the client area with a generic clip-art image such as a disk icon or file box icon. We would like the ability to re...

41 Votes
Client upgrades should offer configurable options and confirmation

Client side upgrades should offer the various different options before producing a pro-rata price for the client (and then asking them if they want to...

3 Votes
Allow clients to change quantity of scaling service

If the pricing option "Yes - Scaling Service: Each service instance allows a quantity to be defined" there should be a way customers can edi...

12 Votes
Allow Remote Call to WHMCS Verify Domain to check if someone has a legal license in tandem with License Addon

I'd like to offer up a suggestion that I believe would be VERY beneficial.On the WHMCS public website, we have , wh...

52 Votes
Disable Autocomplete / AutoFill across WHMCS Admin

This topic has already unfortunately been broached on a smaller issue for the SMTP fields in settings, but there is an annoying issue across all of th...

3 Votes
Add multiples module for one product/service

I propose to add a system to give the possibility to the vendor to use two modules with one product.It could be usefull if for exemple, we want to cre...

41 Votes
Integration with other support platforms like Zendesk or

It would be great if we were able to integrate WHMcs with one of the best support platforms available today.By integrate I mean allowing clients to si...