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20 Votes
eNom DNSSEC Management

eNom supports DNSSEC entries via API calls or manual submission.Adding the API call configurations for DNSSEC management (add, get & delete) will...

5 Votes
Contact custom fields

Hey,it would be very useful to add a new type of custom field for products: contact.There would be a dropdown where you can choose one of the clients...

23 Votes
Allowing a Client to be Assigned to Multiple Client Groups

It would be very helpful if you could assign a client to multiple client groups. As it is now, you can only assign them to one group. However, the a...

7 Votes
Webmin module WHMCS

A module for this free and open panel.

2 Votes
Skipping the nameserver configuration page of a domain order

In our case there is no reason for asking for nameservers when ordering new domains or requesting transfer of existing domains because our clients wil...

84 Votes
WHMCS to use caching

Allow the choice of using Memcached or Redis caching

44 Votes
Pay with Google

Please consider integrating this to WHMCS:

1 Votes
Set the relevant product status upon compilation per product

Hi,I'm selling mostly one time products without any maintenance or support after that.Now when we sell such a product and accept the customer order (a...

1 Votes
Limit attachment size in support tickets

Hello,Most of the times client upload jpg of 8-10 MB or taken from mobile phone instead of taking screenshot.The size of screenshot is under 400 KB an...

1 Votes
Use contact information for additional domain fields

We have a problem, when a client registers a domain he can choose registrant type, registration number, and fiscal code. These infos can be set to som...

1 Votes
Disabling Autonumbering via AutoCorrect

For hosting like us that deal mainly with IPs, the AutoCorrect feature in the editor is really annoying. When you type and hit enter, it will...

10 Votes
Make "Automatic Credit Use" as an option on Clientside

Under general settings on admin side there was this option:"Automatic Credit Use: Tick to automatically apply available credit from a users credi...

1 Votes
Open tickets for emails not registered on WHMCS

Regarding opening tickets through emails, currently, the system only opens tickets if the email sending the request is already a registered contact fo...

1 Votes
API Service cPanel/WHM Login Single-Sign-On URL

This should be fairly easy to provide via API, similar to how this feature is available in the clientarea in the manage service page. It would be usef...

1 Votes
Multiple support departments within a single POP mailbox

With more and more companies moving to cloud hosted email services like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and even OX AppSuite, the ability to manage mu...

93 Votes
Quote Generator

I think it would be possibly the most revolutionary feature you have added yet, for web designers in quote tools, if you created an Instant Quote Gene...

74 Votes
Allow single monthly invoice for all services/domains

Some customers have loads of domains and/or services. It would be great if they got invoiced once per month with all the services/domain renewals in t...

7 Votes
Cancel Invoice on Termination

Hi,I’m sure this has been discussed before, but not seen a feature request for it.Why when the cron terminates a hosting account is the relating invoi...

77 Votes
Dependent Configurable Options

When you're offering dedicated servers, you are more than likely to have an endless list of configurable options for the customer to build his server...

1 Votes
Social tags un knowledgebase

It is necessary to integrate fields to add social tags in the knowledgebase articles or allow to integrate custom code in the header according to the...