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9 Votes
Adding More Domain Statuses / Custom or Add Domain Statuses

Good DayWe hope that you are well.We humbly suggest that more domain statuses be added to WHMCS or that the user be allowed to customise and add domai...

7 Votes
invoice display order

whmcs support said we can't change the order, then i request this featurein client area, section invoices, when invoices are displayed it is in order...

6 Votes
Please add opcache caching to WHMCS

Hi, Please add support for opcache caching.As far as I know it is the only solution officially supported by PHP developers. The benefits are increased...

60 Votes
GoCardless - Instant payments

When a customer places an order for a new service and sets up a direct debit it takes up to 2 weeks before the invoice changes from "pending paym...

144 Votes
Product/Service/Hosting renewal notices

Hosting accounts need their own renewal notice system, just like domains have. Having only the invoice generation is not enough, and it's very unfrien...

9 Votes
Add Friendly URLs for addon modules

Currently addon modules do not have Friendly URLs like other areas of WHMCS. Besides not being "friendly" to users, the links are not Search...

20 Votes
Run domain syncronisation for single domain/all domains

Being able to run Domain Expiry Syncronisation for a single domain would be great when troubleshooting registrar modules.When you have a lot of domain...

58 Votes
Weekly billing option

I need this feature to be able to sell online advertising as customers are used to weekly billing with adwords, Facebook...

4 Votes
Add cost price and sale price to products, so that you can do profit tracking

Basically said it in title, in your product pricing you should have cost price from vendors and sale price to customers and have profit tracking in WH...

18 Votes
Reinstate Bulk Domain Transfer & Registration Feature

WHMCS previously contained a very useful client facing bulk domain transfer/registration form.It allowed the client to enter up to 20 (I believe this...

18 Votes
Revolut Merchant API - Payment Gateway

Please add Revolut Merchant API, they offer very low cost merchant services which for a lot of businesses will be cheaper than Stripe who keep hiking...

34 Votes
Search clients by Tax ID / VAT Number

After updating the WHMCS to the latest release (7.8.2) and run the VAT migration tool, in order to move the VAT Number customfield values to the new T...

24 Votes
Make Reason for Cancellation Request optional

I don't see the point in forcing users to enter a reason for cancelling their product.If a customer has had a bad experience, it will only anger them...

3 Votes
API Endpoint to get Product Groups and their related Group ID via API

We need to find the Product Group information from a GID, potentially something like getProductGroups, with an output in json format. We feel this wou...

12 Votes
Show recently blocked tickets in support ticket list

There's been a few occasions where we've had spam controls work a bit more aggressively than we'd like and ticket messages were blocked as false posit...

163 Votes
hCaptcha - Alternative to reCAPTCHA

hCaptcha is basically the same as reCAPTCHA, with some major differences:1) They respect the privacy of your visitors.2) The problems visitors solve a...

3 Votes
Search Functionality on Promotions Page

Hello,It is very difficult to search for any specific promo code. For example : If I need to duplicate a promocode from the expired promo code list, i...

7 Votes
Add a hook for admin login like ClientLoginShare so authentication can be done elsewhere

Would be useful for authenticating administrators via an active directory server or elsewhere. This would come in handy in a corporate environment.

4 Votes
AutoAuth for administators (staff) access

We would like to integrate WHMCS with our Single-Sign-On for our staff. AutoAuth work fine for customers but WHMCS doesn't support it for administrato...

19 Votes
Different Payment Terms/Invoice Generation Dates for Different Customers

I would love to see an option to customize payment terms based on the customer. Some of our larger customers who take a long time to process payments...