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12 Votes
Revolut Merchant API - Payment Gateway

Please add Revolut Merchant API, they offer very low cost merchant services which for a lot of businesses will be cheaper than Stripe who keep hiking...

36 Votes
Completed needed remaining features for OpenSRS module

Hello,Looking to get off the no longer supported OpenSRSPro module and want to use the built in one but missing features that the Pro one has. In orde...

6 Votes
Nested Grouping / Sub Grouping for Products and Services

Hello,Greetings.Recently I was configuring WHMCS to sell VPS. VPS has subcategories like Linux VPS, Windows VPS, etc. and each category has it's own f...

5 Votes
Hide "register lock" menu from the domain which can't be locked.

Some TDLs such as .EU do not allow to set "register lock" however register lock menu is appeared for all domains.I want hide "register...

9 Votes
Add Friendly URLs for addon modules

Currently addon modules do not have Friendly URLs like other areas of WHMCS. Besides not being "friendly" to users, the links are not Search...

22 Votes
Sign up using Microsoft

So were already have "Google, Facebook and Twitter" as an SignUp Provider.Please consider to add Microsoft Accounts too.

9 Votes
Bootstrap 5

Since Bootstrap 5 is currently in public beta and it is what they recommend as their latest version in their site, it would be great time to start pla...

33 Votes
Auto Charge Different Services to Different Credit Cards

Now that WHMCS has support for multiple credit cards, I would love to see the ability to select which credit card is associated with which product/ser...

57 Votes
Allow IPv6 and IPv4 in Licensing Module

Lets get WHMCS to add a feature to allow both IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. Make it an option within the module if you want to allow that or not. When an I...

65 Votes
Report generator

This was suggested by user Tommy Kokko in another thread, and WHMCS Chris suggested opening a new thread to discuss it, so I'm going to do it :)Why n...

113 Votes
Ability to create extra tabs in the Admin Clients Summary

At times, there is need for additional information to be viewable from the Clients Profile which can allow, by means of editable template, the ability...

146 Votes
Quote Generator

I think it would be possibly the most revolutionary feature you have added yet, for web designers in quote tools, if you created an Instant Quote Gene...

61 Votes
Allowing a Client to be Assigned to Multiple Client Groups

It would be very helpful if you could assign a client to multiple client groups. As it is now, you can only assign them to one group. However, the a...

143 Votes
Expense - Balance Feature

I don't mean Quickbooks, or Freshbooks, or similar, but the ability to enter expenses (Our Hosting fees, Our Domains payments, our scripts renewals, e...

50 Votes
Option to Overwrite Scheduled Email Campaigns Frequency

The new Email Campaigns Tool in WHMCS 8.0 is pleasing, especially the Schedule Campaign option. However, the Email Campaign functionality currently ha...

0 Votes
Show client time differential in ticket replies

When interacting with a client via support tickets, it can be super handy to know what time it is where they currently are located.Therefore it would...

103 Votes
Option for Registrar-Lock

Not all TLDs supports a Registrar/Transfer-Lock, so it would be nice if WHMCS has an option (like the EPP Code, ID Protection, DNS Management) in the...

68 Votes
Display long term or annual-biennially pricing before monthly on products in cart templates/sliders

You should be able to choose what price option you want to display on product template pages (eg. comparison pages and sliders) instead of the default...

13 Votes
Support tickets with option to collect secure data (like

Just like collects sensitive data.I have to ask clients to often to give me FTP, email, account credentials to investigate a problem.If this...

3 Votes
Keep DNS Zone on automatic termination

It would be handy to have a toggle in the admin settings to be able to keep any DNS zones on automatic termination - this function is currently availa...