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17 Votes
Add Client Credit Hook

Currently WHMCS does not process credits until AddTransaction or AddInvoicePayment completes - meaning there is currently no way to hook into WHMCS an...

159 Votes
Ability to exclude configurable options from promotion discounts.

Have had issues with promo codes also discounting cPanel or additional IP's instead of just the product we wish to discount. There seems to be no iss...

7 Votes
Changing SiteBuilder Domain

If a customer signs up with a domain name, it's currently not possible to change it later on, the SiteBuilder is presented in a way in which it suppor...

12 Votes
Client Email Notification Emails of Project Actions

As a business owner I'd like the ability for email notifications to be sent automatically to clients when certain actions are performed by staff on a...

3 Votes
Storage Settings - S3

Use Path-style requests rather than vhosts or have the option to choose.

0 Votes
Allow `Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender message` through the system that prevents an autoresponder from opening a ticket

Hi,Please allow Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender message through the system that prevents an autoresponder from opening a ticket.sinc...

49 Votes
PHP 8.0 support

Make WHMCS support PHP >=8.0

10 Votes
additional authentication options for POP3 Exchange Online

we use office365 Exchange Online for our helpdesk email account.WHMCS helpdesk retrieves these mails via pop3 authenication.Microsoft has announced th...

196 Votes
Whatsapp Client Notifications

Is it possible this way that a customer who registers the domain or a service gets an auto message in their Whatsapp and renewal notice also in the wh...

3 Votes
Apple Pay button style

Configure the styling for the Apple Pay button provided by Stripe.

415 Votes
Cancel X days overdue invoices

Sometimes clients do not cancel their plans and their invoices are overdue, still there active messing our reports. It would be nice if in the automat...

15 Votes
Allow any TLD when using own domain

Disable this validation when the client chooses the option "I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers".In our case, when our c...

31 Votes
Forward an email to open a ticket

Many of the large ticketing systems (Zendesk, SupportPal, FreshDesk, etc.) allow the ability for an administrator/ticket operator to forward an email...

3 Votes
Getting notified when users updates nameservers.

Hi there, I am from a country where our default domain is not supported by Enom and other domain resellers. Normally clients assume that updating name...

3 Votes
Payment Error Message

When returning error or declined as the status in a payment gateway function, the error message should be changeable instead of just showing the gener...

0 Votes
Include product categories when converting quotes to invoices

In quotes, it lets you choose products, but when you convert the quote to an invoice, the income doesn't get categorized correctly, it's always' in th...

0 Votes
.au Domains

Hi,I am having an issue adding the new .au domains to our WHMCS and it doesn't recognise them.Can we get this TLD added to the list so we can add the...

0 Votes
Notification API

Similar to notification API that allows the triggering of notifications for clie...

149 Votes
Sales Call Scheduler

We would like this type of functionality. We also like to call our customers a few times per year, and also have been just putting a 'NOTE' in, but w...

4 Votes
Unlink a client from a support ticket

Currently when a ticket comes in and a client is linked to it, the only way to remove that client is to select another client. We are needing to remov...