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Billing Term Change

  • 24/7 Hosting NZ shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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Clients have the ability to change the Billing Term via the Client Area or even a link to request the term to be changed.
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    Allow clients to change billing cycle
    Lots of out clients sign up for monthly billing cycle and they request to change it quarterly o annually after the second or third invoice. It would save a lot of stuff time if clients have a feature to change themselves the billing cycle for each product or service.
    Allow clients to change billing cycle
    Client needs to be able to change their billing cycle from client area
    Allow customers to change his own billing cycle
    We have a lot of requests, where customers would change the billing cycle. Some customers do this more than one times a year.Think about an option on clientareaproductdetails to let customer change his billing cycles, whenever they want based on product settings.


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What are you waiting for to include this feature? We waste a lot of time on every payment cycle change request and some times we can't do it without support from WHMCS. Please add this feature.
Early Renewals are now an option which is great! It would be better though if we had this option available too.

Client gets a Hosting plan for 2 years. Before its expiration he wants to renew but wants to do it for 1 year. Wouldn't it be better if he could change the billing term by himself? And with early renewals in place, he could place the order by himself, make the adjustments to the Billing Term, have the invoice generated for the desired period and then make the payment. Automation at its best, in other words :)
we need this configuration verry much !
WHMCS should really listen to its user base - this is a basic feature and is much needed. its the 5th most voted feature of all time yet has been largely ignored
Also, this feature in already implemented when you change your "Hosting Plan", because over there, WHMCS also ask if you would like to change the Billing Cycle ^^
There is almost nothing more to code for using this "Plan Upgrade system" to this Billing Cycle concern. Almost everything is already in the WHMCS core.
This should be merged with this one:
Everyone need it.
I can't understand why we don't have something so important already in our system.
Very important request.
We have daily clients asking for changes
This is a feature request from 8 years ago and a feature that should be there from the start. Don't know why this is not yet available.
And it is a duplicate of:

If we get these 2 together, the number of votes is skyrocketing.
I was just about to make the same comment. Wish it was higher priority right now.
This option is really necessary, I don't believe that we should to wait votes to deploy it.
Any update on this? Customers want to pay more! We should be friction-less.
Please add this.
Changing the billing cycle is a common request for us.

This is a common capability we have seen in other provisioning systems as well and think should be in WHMCS also.

We get customers wanting to go from monthly to yearly billing and also get some on yearly billing wanting to go monthly.
Following. We just gave up and built our own custom upgrade page to have more control over this and other missing upgrade functionality.
Just been looking for this....can't believe this isn't a standard thing.
Yes, why? Please add this feature!