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Allow customers to change his own billing cycle

  • scysys shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Payments/Billing

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We have a lot of requests, where customers would change the billing cycle. Some customers do this more than one times a year.

Think about an option on clientareaproductdetails to let customer change his billing cycles, whenever they want based on product settings.


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we need this configuration verry much !
This should be merged with this one:
Very important request.
We have daily clients asking for changes
This option is really necessary, I don't believe that we should to wait votes to deploy it.
Changing the billing cycle is a common request for us.

This is a common capability we have seen in other provisioning systems as well and think should be in WHMCS also.

We get customers wanting to go from monthly to yearly billing and also get some on yearly billing wanting to go monthly.