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Option for Registrar-Lock

Not all TLDs supports a Registrar/Transfer-Lock, so it would be nice if WHMCS has an option (like the EPP Code, ID Protection, DNS Management) in the Adminarea so that we could say WHMCS which TLDs support a Lock and which not. And when the lock is not supported, WHMCS has to hide this Functions in the Clientarea because that confused many clients.


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it has to

* hide the menu entry
* not show the domain as unlocked (and not to ask about locking it)

This is just confusing for end-customers and ending in support tickets for resellers and finally registrars.

If WHMCS' will cover it over an option, it is a possibility, but I guess it can be achieved a lot easier.
Registrar can cover this over _GetDomainInformation function integration by returning null (unsupported), true (locked), false (unlocked) there for the registrar lock status. It would be sufficient if WHMCS just considers this correctly.
This should be a standard feature, it shouldn't even be under the feature requests. Does not make any sense to "alarm" our customers by telling them (in red) that their domain name is not locked, and then nothing can be done about it.