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Payment Gateway processing Fee

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Hello All,

I want that whmcs should have an option where we can add a % amount of total invoice amount + any fixed amount.

For example paypal takes : Selling is 4.4% + $0.30 USD per sale.

and some gate takes a fix % amount of total sale.

I have seen some 2 - 3 addon for this but no one is reliable as all developed by 3rd party. and some are paid.

So i request from WHMCS developers kindly add this feature in next updates.

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    Please add Payment Gateway dependent additional charges
    HelloPlease add option for:If users are selecting particular payment gateway, add some extra charges as fixed amount or some variable percentage of the order sub total to make the final total. This could help WHMCS Admin users to save any extra charges he have to bear for some particular payment gateway. This could also help him to force the user to the best payment method which he wishes for.
    Fee for specific payment gateways
    I need to set a fee for only one payment gateway.. It will be of the 10%.Thank's!
    additional transaction fee
    Hi is possible to add price / transaction fee by choosing different payment module, in percentage, of fixed fee.As Example:I use paypal, bank transfer, and Ideal.So selling domains, when customer select paypal option i lose money.. want paypal ask 2.9% + $.30 per transaction.. what is not calculated in price,, BankTransfer is free, And Ideal transfer cost is 1,5$
    Payment Processing fees
    With Stripe payment fees increasing I think there should be a feature that in the Admin area general settings, admins could add one-time and percentage of payment fees depending on the payment getaway.


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Hi yvan,
Thanks for taking the time to suggest your idea.

There is a possibility that such a feature could fall-foul of consumer protection laws in certain territories, eg:
Additionally there is a lot of discussion which suggests adding fees at the final stage of transaction results in a reduced conversions.

As an alternative, might it be easier and more transparent to customers to review your product headline pricing to reflect the new cost of your business operations, and adjust accordingly?
please add this
Any update
Need this now!
This should be implemented.
This is very important feature why they didn't added it till now if its there then it will be very easy for online payments with gateways otherwise we have to bear the gateway fee or we have to add to final price by increasing the cost by adding gateway fee in product cost which is a very long process we have many products.
I would love to move my customers away from using bank transfer into stripe or gocardless by applying fees when paying using manual methods, or viceversa discounts when using those automatic gateways. I would get paid faster.
This should be a module & not part of the CORE...
I know someone who had their account (at a payment gateway) terminated for doing this. Some gateways have a TOS that prohibits this ;)
Which payment gateway was that?
Except Client.. option
With the option of having a fixed % as per the OP, I think having the fees already listed in the transactions shown to the client on their invoice/customer facing areas might also be helpful.

Showing a breakdown for clarity would do wonders.

  • Subtotal
  • Tax 1
  • Tax 2
  • Credit
  • Processing/Merchant Fees
  • Total

As a bonus, adding ICANN domain fees and breakdowns would be nice.
I think this is a must have feature!
In todays world credit card surcharges are the norm, this feature is a must have.
I am still to see a company do this...
Nathan it’s quite common, there are payment processors that specialize in this even so your cost get passed on to the consumer.
I have not seen one company using this & I do a lot of online shopping etc. I'm not saying you are wring, I am just saying, I have never seen anyone do this except ResellerClub for adding funds to their account.
In Australia every Airline and most major retailers pass on credit card surcharges to the consumer. Amex even have a page dedicated do it For a small hosting business like mine the 2.3% charged by all payment gateways adds up to significant dollars.
Have you seen the statistics on that page stating people wouldn't return to the business and people that don't want it... this was my exact point in the disagreement in my precious replies to this thread...
Nathan you’re not obliged to enforce it yourself. It was my suggestion originally as I too am a small company who cannot afford to absorb surcharges.
If you don’t want to pass on he charges to your customer you don’t have to do it. However I even have gas stations where I am charge .10 per gallon of gas more for using credit cards, why shouldn’t we be able to if we want to?
We could discuss the merits of credit card surcharges however this thread is not about that. I am unsure about other countries but in Australia credit card fees and surcharges are extremely common and it would be awesome if whmcs could provide this feature.
The feature was already denied anyway by WHMCS on another feature request, not sure why I am still debating this with you lot. It is an opinion at the end of the day, free speech an all.

I have a small company, yet I seem to be doing fine without payment processing fees or supercharges as people are now stating it is.
I see it all the time. Usually between 2 - 4% for a credit card transaction.
This is a very common practice. My gas company, city utilities, ISP and Enom, yes Enom charge a CC convenience fee.

This is a must have WHMCS.
Yes we need this please add this option for next update. I think this feature is a great idea,
I think this feature is a great idea, however, can I suggest that we can tailor the charge to the amount being spent. For example, if I'm selling something for £10, then I would like to charge a transaction fee, but if I'm selling something at £1000, then I don't want to charge the transaction fee as I feel it would be 'cheeky' to my customer (obviously that's my opinion, but the functionality would be great).