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Approval of affiliates by admin

  • Sebastiano shared this idea 4 years ago
  • Client Area

Add the ability for users to apply to become affiliates by activating a setting that only allows administrators to add affiliates to the site, and not allow users to activate it by themselves


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I would love this feature.

I am sick and tired of people with IP addresses based in Pakistan and China (but USA based street addresses) signing up only to create a affiliate account - not buying any products from my business. I would like affiliate accounts to be ONLY available to current PAYING clients, so admin approval would stop this.

Alternatively, an option to make the Affiliate accounts ONLY available to current clients with a minimum number of active services.
I have a module that adds this feature because with they took a year to add it
I also vote for this feature. Users should not be able to make themselves affiliates without admin approval.

Affiliate link on menu should submit registration to become affiliate and once admin approves then affiliate dashboard can display.
I love this idea!

I have had several people sign up for accounts (all have been from completely different countries too my business) and then just register to be an affiliate and not actually buy any products even though affiliates only receive their "credit" with my business as a credit off a future bill.
Great idea