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Domain expiration email

We need to be able to automatically send a "domain expired" email, so we can confirm it's expired, talk about the grace period/redemption fees, etc.
WHMCS Team Clarification:
WHMCS can send a domain expiration email 1 day before or after the domain's expiry date. This request is to consider adding an additional email template to send a unique email template message on the exact day that a domain expires.


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It's good that the feature to send emails after expiry was added (a few months after it was needed though).

Now, there should be a different email template for expired domains, because we need to confirm that the domain expired, and that there are redemption fees and periods, etc. We can't do everything with one email template only.
We provide the email template ‘Expired Domain Notice”. This was added in 2014 - please read the blog post located here: for details on how to configure this properly.
In December 2012 the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has changes their terms of use.
Within five days AFTER the expiry of a domain, the owner must obtain a further announcement.
This change is required from 31 August 2013.