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Credit Balance overview for clients

Clients have the right to know what happens with their money. What they owe is clearly displayed and managed with invoices. That is for good us, because they might help the client to pay what they owe us and we earn our money.

However what we owe them is not so clear. In the client area there is not even a Credit Balance indicator. With every upgrade I need to re-implement my own solution in a template, which costs lots of time updated new templates. Please save me time and provide this for our clients in all your templates. Better would be when there is a Credit History for clients, just like they have invoice history.


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Can't believe there is no way the client can see their balance ?!

@com2 could you share your code at all?
Hi rocco,
The client's credit balance is displayed under the "Notifications" section which is accessible on every client area page.
@WHMCS John , That sounds great ... some instruction would be even better. We are using 8.5 with 'twenty-one' and i can literally not find what you are describing , nor can I find any documentation of what you are talking about. Maybe at the very least you could post an image of what you are referencing please.
I just had to Google to find existing credit is shown in a tiny "Notifications" section in the top right of the WHMCS profile... so let's go through all the places I looked for it FIRST.
Client Home page (this shows clearly when an invoice is due or overdue, so I really expected it to be super clear just looking here)
Billing > My Invoices
Billing > Payment Methods
Billing > Add Funds (this sounds MOST obvious place to see EXISTING credit honestly)

Other than making existing credit easier to locate in the client UI, making the history visible by choice in the admin area would be great. A new field for client explanation might be required, as I have 10 years of admin-only notes in there. 99.9% would pass the SFW test, but maybe only 10% would make sense to a client instead of me.
Only just found this myself after searching the web and reading your post, In our WHMCS the notifications link is on the left.
Thanks for posting the answer ;)