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Arrears billing

  • Bjorn-Ole Thomassen (Sensible Online Systems) shared this idea 8 years ago
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In b2b relations often the need to bill with due date after a service is provided. it would be great if you could add that option for reocurring billing .

Example : Generate a bill 20/5 in the month, with due date day 5/6 . But with item/services in invoice generated since 1/5-31/5 .
Merged Ideas
    Postpaid invoices and billing
    In these days is extremely necessary to have a postpaid option to billing services like cloud and pay as you go. Exemplifying a simple scenario. The customer places an order in the system and his service is provisioned by whatever the provisioning module. But the invoice will only be issued within the next month following the order, with no immediate payment required or an invoice generated.
    Can we have an alternative invoice detail date range that is a month up to invoice date, wherein invoices are generated on the last day of the monthly usage cycle?At present the pre-paid invoices details show dates that are a month from invoice due date only and does not cater for services billed in arrears.


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+1 for this enthusiasm.
..... ... . ... still waiting.....
+1 for this!
Would be a great feature to have! Shame been 'Under consideration' for 4 year :(
This request is similar to an oldest
We work with technical support , we well contracts , in that case the postpaid would be better for us to generate invoices and everything, actually we change the billing period on each generated invoice.
Absolutely. We don't just sell hosting. We have SaaS subscriptions to bill too, and we don't know how many licences to bill for these until end of month. Billing them manually is very tedious and error-prone.
Come on WHMCS, this has been requested multiple times by multiple users over a long period. Would be excellent to see this move from "under consideration" to "in action", please? :o)
Anyone know of any addins which could handle the arrears billing?