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Ability to create custom cPanel application links


This is just a quick idea, it would be great if there was the option to create custom links in cPanel, the option to reference a icon URL, add a link title and URL.

This could be implemented under setup > application links > configure cPanel

It would be easy to implement but very powerful for WHMCS users as it would allow us to create more focused/branded links especially useful for those of us with our main website outside of WHMCS.

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    extend cPanel Single-Sign-On Quick Shortcuts to other functions (e.g. domain parking)
    In WHMCS v6 there is an option to enable cPanel Sign On which shows some cPanel commands as Quick Shortcuts directly in the client area. I'd like to see the shortcuts extended to include "parking a domain" (currently it's only sub-domains & add-on domains). Please add your comments (and votes!) to this topic to say which shortcuts would be useful to add for your business!with kind regards, Edith Twitter: @terranetwork


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This would be helpful for use-cases that involve modifying links such as Network Status link pointing to a external status page rather than the inbuilt networks status.

I have currently modified all links on my WHMCS installation that point to network status to my external status page but since I am unable to change the network status application link on cPanel I will have to unfortunately disable this feature for that particular link which is inconvenient.
Would like to be able to add a custom Quick Shortcut in WHMCS to provide a customer access to third party cPanel Plugins. Specifically we use Installatron and would like customers to link directly to the Installatron Application Installer from WHMCS Product Details page.
Hi there,

To create a custom link, you would need to duplicate the existing link format used in /modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl and then specify the "app" value for the cPanel page you wish to access.
The app value must be compatible with this cPanel API command to be accessible via Single Sign On:
Where does one find or create the "app" value for a cPanel page?
I would also like to know how you find the app value too!
In the link that "WHMCS John" provided, you can see what you are asking for. For example, using the command line, run:

  • whmapi1 get_users_links user=example
  • [/co]

    Change "example" for the name of your user and that's it. You may find that the desired app is not listed there, and that means that you will not be able to add the link to the client area (at least, not in the way presented here).
    Specifically I would like an Application Link that goes to my software installer. #1 support question we get is "how do I install wordpress" and it would be wonderful if "Install Software" was right there in the application links. A custom App Link that passes the necessary parameters to cPanel would be ideal.
    Hi Will,

    This is something which would be configured in cPanel directly:
    But it's not external is an internal cPanel item already. I just want to add it to WHMCS like the others.
    I would like the ability to add custom Quick Shortcuts, such as shortcuts to end-user's access to plugins installed on the cPanel server.
    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for responding to my questions. The individual Application links added to cPanel by WHMCS Can be switched off individually, so it's entirely possible to remove the News, Announcements, Download, Knowledgebase etc. links alredy:
    @John, simple example... Open Ticket link, we don't use the WHMCS ticket system. Same for news and announcements, download resources, knowledge base, etc. Also, we don't necessarily want all these links here either. We could remove them i guess via cPanel but then were assuming that cPanel will be able to remove them after WHMCS adds them and not before.
    In no way, you can do that easily in cPanel ! Moreover, we talk of existing things in cPanel, and thus for WHMCS to be able to add any link.

    Before that, existing links must be translatable, and customizable..., see other feature request

    "Before that, existing links must be translatable, and customizable..., see other feature request"
    Thanks for suggesting this idea and for your votes so far.
    WHMCS controls the Billing & Invoicing link group on the cPanel homepage, so I would be interested to know what kind of links you would like to add there?
    Why is it preferential for you to make this change to the cPanel interface via WHMCS vs. doing it using the customisation resources available in cPanel directly?
    Personally, I want to be able to add custom links like the ones you described in other reply, in which you suggested editing the file modules/servers/cpanel/templates/overview.tpl, but that will be lost when upgrading WHMCS, so re-configuring my custom links would become one more thing to add to my after-WHMCS-upgrade tasks.
    Just found this morning that all links are not correct, we disable Application Links
    text Links are not translatable... we can't use it in a professional way
    Yes, please add this option
    Yeah that would be especially helpful so we could add our custom Status page (ie from or for customers who use a 3rd party support system etc.
    To extend this further we need the ability to remove and/or orverride some of the links. Some of us do not want all of those.
    We are very interested to hear what other areas of cPanel our users would like to see links to. Please add your requests here.