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Ability to assign specific administrators to have access to specific clients' only

We have several staff members who are assigned full time to specific clients. In some cases they're not even staff, but rather contractors. In that case, they must only be able to see and respond to tickets involving their assigned clients.

Perhaps when creating/editing roles, there can be the option to select one or more clients. Then that role can only view/edit data if it relates to those selected clients and for the tasks selected in the roles permissions. Then I would create a role called "Client X Assigned Staff" for example.

Then perhaps as a side feature it would make sense to allow multiple roles per administrator.

I know this has been requested in the past, but those feature requests were quite vague and/or hard to understand.


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Thank you for submitting this feature request. At this time this is not a feature that we have planned to implement - the demand for something like this just doesn't exist. WHMCS users can manage ticket behavior by configuring support departments - you can find more information here:

Created the addon, currently in BETA. Let me know what you guys think (for those of you who still need this).
In reply to my previous comment, I guess it's about time for me to put my developer license to good use and actually create this since I doubt it will be done soon (unless someone else already started).

It will give me a good project to start out on for creating custom modules. Hopefully I can have this made soon, I was about to create my own system for this type of thing, but I figured WHMCS was already made and did a pretty good job, so this will just give me a shortcut to making something I want rather than creating an entire system from scratch and possibly never finishing it.

I don't have a licensing module so I'm not sure if I can implement it with that, although I don't see why I can't cover the main aspects of it.

I'll leave out the technical details of it but this will need a thorough job to make sure I get every hook handled that needs handled. I'll see about getting a beta version out soon so it can cover the main frontend aspects of it and later on getting the more thorough version out to patch up more of the backend and seal it up right.
I agree completely with this feature.

I feel this could be taken a step further with the following conditions met:
  • Administrator groups are able to be paired with client groups
  • Administrators are also able to be paired with specific clients
  • Administrators/groups are able to be assigned to specific products/groups to manage

This would work well as it would allow people to setup a department and allow that department to specifically be able to manage its own information rather than worrying about one department messing with another department.

Also, you could have it where a department manages its own products/groups (perhaps prefixed with the department name) and when a customer purchases a product, the administration department now has access to that user and can manage that user's order.

This would work very well with the licensing module as you can have one large company selling multiple products, each manged by it's own department, and the departments have their own privacy and security from the rest.

Permissions could also be greatly extended into this, giving each group permissions to edit/view specific clients/products and how much they can view/edit.

This sounds like it would be a lot to do, but in reality it could be its own addon and would be a pretty darn good one as a lot of people seem to have a need for either side (client or product assignment).
It would be very-very useful for me.
"Must have" feature for large installations.
This would be useful. In every other respect you can specify the environment on a staff member by staff member basis. So I have departments set up, and the staff are assigned different admin roles. So Fred logs in and sees one lot of tickets and Hilda logs in and sees a different set of tickets because she's in a different role which has access to different departments. The only fly in the ointment for me is that Hilda can (accidentally or deliberately) log a ticket for a client which is not "hers". If we could just narrow an admin role down so that it can only see certain client groups, that would make the separation work.
I think this would be more appropriate

Found this feature request - please up vote:
Have just taken on a new staff member - I want to be able to restrict this staff member to specific accounts.

So, for me this feature is essential !!! Bring it on please.
That would be very helpfull.
If you want to troll go to a forum, We hire over 40 support staff and will continue to hire more. When you hire your first support staff member and more down the track you will understand.

I never said I have someone on our support staff that I dont trust. I get rid of people quick if I see that type of activity. Im talking about the bad hires, which mean the people that we dont know much about in terms of honesty. Ask someone in an interview how honest they are and they will tell you they are 100%. This is a failsafe feature.
If you have someone on your staff that you don't trust with customer data, you probably should be looking to replace them and not changing your software to account for their shortcomings.
This would be helpful in some cases. For instance, we may want to restrict sales team members to their particular clients or allow a contractor greater access to a particular set of clients, not necessarily all.