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Choose different auto-responder for each support department

  • Daniel Armstrong shared this idea 11 years ago
  • Support

Setup -> Support Departments allows each department to send or not send the auto responder.

I'd like to have the option to select a different auto-responder for each department. For example, we have different support departments for different services and a one-size-fits-all auto-responder is not as useful. We'd like to select an auto-responder that can be customized for each support department that lists our hours of operations (different per department) and support policies and procedures (also different per department).

It is possible to make custom email templates, I presume we could use this feature to create different email templates and select a template in the Support Department configuration.

Thanks! Daniel.


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This will be great! Perfect for accounts/support/activations etc.
You can do this with if statements in the email templates editing...
  • {if $ticket_department eq "Sales"}
    Sales only operates Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
    Your ticket has been received and will be answered shortly
  • [/co]
    Never the less if this can be made easier im up for it.
    yes that be nice to add
    This would be a very useful feature, because in our case for example, different support departments depending on the support hours, conditions of the specific department, etc...