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Improve Ticket Search

The inability to search beyond the initial message of a ticket has become a major hindrance in continuing to use WHMCS as support desk. While I am aware that there are some custom reports and add-ons available for this, there is no reason for such a basic feature to be missing from any support desk, especially at the rates we are all paying.

The search feature should return results from the original ticket message, as well as all replies and notes in a ticket. If resources or load is considered an issue, then a simple check box for which location to search is all that is required. You could also limit the searches to a minimum amount of (configurable) characters, just as most help desk, forum, and cms software have done for decades. There is also the option of building a search index to keep resources to a minimum.

In summary, the lack of a robust search feature in the WHMCS support module is no longer acceptable. Please make this a priority.


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This would be very handy to have.
Thanks for following up.

I understand the performance concern, as I have seen this issue with lower-quality support desks over the last 20 years. I suspected this might be an issue and addressed this as a critical part of my request.

Whilst this is a good idea in principle, it does pose a problem when you have thousands and thousands of tickets. Allowing for this functionality when the database is very large could compromise the performance of the installation until the query either completes or is killed.

With that said, however, we will leave this request open to gather feedback.