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Mass changing of ticket status and department

  • Dmitriy Reznichenko shared this idea 6 years ago
  • Support

That would be great if you could enable the ability to change the status and department of multiple tickets directly from the
main menu ( without entering each ticket separately), change the staff's
name without accessing the ticket ( from the main menu as well).


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Today has been horrible, having to individually access 100s of tickets to simply change the status or department, stinks. This needs to be added!
Any news regarding this issue?
as I mentioned before there are several similar feature request - I mentioned several of them in my previous post and there are more:

In total we have about 51 votes without the Mass Reply to Tickets feature (with it we have 63) - This is quite high and should really be considered.

The requests we opened are different, if you can merge them, that would be great. I am not able to merge them as each of the topics has their own number of votes.

Could you please help us in merging the topics?

There are several similar requests: - 18 votes, shared this idea 1 week ago - 23 votes, shared this idea 2 years ago - 3 votes shared this idea 1 year ago

and similar - but not exactly the same: - 12 votes, shared this idea 4 years ago

Please consider merging everything to one feature request with 44 / 56 votes.

That would be perfect if WHMCS could implement this option.
It would be great if you can add this feature to WHMCS...
Totally agree, it will significantly simplify the work in WHMCS panel and will save time as well. I vote