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Add an option to mass move tickets / change status / change the flag / change the priority

ramf shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


Please add an option to mass move tickets / change status (not only close) / change the flag / change the priority.

Sometime we need to change the status of lots of tickets or to move them from one department to another etc.

Now we can do it only one by one... this is very cumbrous to say the least.

Now we can close / delete / merge large amount of tickets in one action - why not adding an option to change the department / change the status / change the flag / change the priority?

I think that adding an option to change mass of tickets at the same time is something really need to be added to WHMCS.

If adding it to WHMCS is a long term issue - please fix the problem with the support ticket escalations rules to work on already existing tickets - so in the meantime we could use them to mass effect tickets (again - only as a temporary solution until adding the mass change buttons like the current ones - delete / close /merge).



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