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3rd Party Knowledgebase Modules

  • Michael McNees shared this idea 5 years ago
  • Support

It would be great if the knowledgebase could be switched out, much like the support system can be in WHMCS.

For example, changing the KB to a WordPress backend would allow for the use of popular page builders, SEO plugins, etc. to significantly improve the WHMCS KB.


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Since our primary site is WordPress, I have already set up Echo Knowledge base plugin for it.
So, needless to say I am +1 for 3rd Party Knowledgebase integration or redirection. is an example of a good yet free/open source knowledgebase software. Ability to integrate with it would be incredible.
+1 for echo knowledgebase plugin integration. This would give everyone the flexibility they've been asking for, win-win.
We second the motion to integrate Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs By Echo Plugins :)
We keep the knowledge base on our website to SEO purposes and would love to have it integrated with WHMCS, for example, to show suggestions in ticket submission view.
Any CMS that allows for categorization of posts would work well, I believe. With WordPress as an example, using the Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs By Echo Plugins seems like a nice fit since it is open-source.

Raneto also seems like a good alternative to a WP system

Some are also using GitHub as a KB authoring platform. Perhaps some integration there would be beneficial as well.
Hi Michael,
Thanks for your suggestion. As far as I'm aware Wordpress does not include a Knowledgebase functionality as standard. Is there a specific Wordpress Plugin you'd like to see this work with?
What other systems would you like to see such a feature work with?
Since I added my first reply over 2 years ago, I will reply to this almost 4 year questions.

There are TWO WordPress plugin Knowledgebases I really like.

[1] Echo Knowledge base
[2] Betterdocs

There are free ones of both in the WordPress plugin repository.

But both have Pro (aka Paid) versions if someone wished to upgrade.

I would recommend both as an option.