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Add a way for to get hyperlink / button - links in the ticket system

Please allow hyperlink to be imported to WHMCS tickets.

Now when a customer sends us an email and use hyperlink or buttons - WHMCS is removing them and the ticket is received with text only.
Please add a way for us to get those hyperlink / button - links / links in the ticket.



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Some more information regarding this request:
I wish to have more control over the importation of emails and what gets stripped out. The strip_tags function does allow arguments for what it won't strip out, for example, I want to prevent it from stripping out <p> and <a> tags. I wish to be able to define exactly what tags I wish to allow, ensuring the trip_tags function ignores them.
100%! Based on what we receive regularly, I'd want to prevent <p>, <a>, <br>, <hr>, and <img> from being stripped
Hi John.
How are you?
I hope you are safe and healthy.

You mentioned that "We've never rendered HTML in support ticket messages as a security measure" and I do appreciate the security risks - but what is the security difference between a link sent as a regular link to a link that was sent as an hyperlink?

Now a customer can send us a link (as a link) without a problem.
The only problem is that when a customer sends us a link as a hyperlink (in a text or a button etc) - the link is not available within WHMCS.

Using an hyperlink is a really common method and lot's of clients use it.

I'm looking for a way to get those hyperlinks (in text or in a buttons) as a regular link like any other link a customer can sends us.
As far as I understand the security risks are the same.

What do you say?
Hi Ram.,
Thanks for this suggestion.

We've never rendered HTML in support ticket messages as a security measure, so as to prevent potentially malicious code being executed via your browser within the admin area., and also to make sharing code snippets via the ticket system more possible. Perhaps if there is a way to make URLs clickable without compromising security, that's something we can consider given sufficient interest.