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Option to Disable Markdown Formatting

We would find it hugely beneficial to have the option to disable markdown formatting when replying to support tickets.

We use a 3rd party live chat provider (provide support) and often copy/paste these chat transcripts into support tickets, but the way the chat transcripts are formatted means that when adding them to a ticket reply we end up with half the chat transcript appearing in a code block!

We have also found staff sending what appear to be normal replies, including things like lists for clients to follow but they end up with all kind of various indentations and numberings.

We handle a lot of tickets through WHMCS and our workload has been significantly added to with the introduction of markdown formatting and trying to get each reply to look readable to the client.

It would be much easier for us if the option was there to go back to simple plain text replies that we could simply type, then send, without having to worry about how the reply is going to be formatted.
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    disable rich text options in tickets
    the richt-ext markdown syntax ability for admins to use in ticket replies has made a complete mess of my ticketing system.PLEASE make an option to disable it


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This should be a no brainer...we just had a MASSIVE issue acting as liaison between our client and their host.
Our client was emphatic he had provided information correctly for email/password login issues, host said otherwise.

I looked at the email the client sent...all was perfectly legible.

I then looked at the ticketing system the host helpdesk were using and...oh dear, what a complete mess.

From their POV they were correct to say the information the client had provided was giberish.

And conversely, the client was right saying that it wasn't.

This issue needs fixed and soon.
Two years later and it's still screwing up ticket replies :(
Bizzare there is no option to use plain text - like the text editor in WordPress for example. Would be so much simpler...
@Quinn: New lines should be working. If they aren't for you, please open a ticket so we can take a look at that issue for you.
all our replies are messed up because there are no new lines, we do not want to have to do anything special to have a new line like you see when you hit the enter key......
Whenever any existing feature gets changed, there absolutely must be a config option added for "turn this cruft off" to allow for users/admins to continue with their existing methodologies, preferences, systems etc
You can already remove it using CSS.

#tab0 .md-header.btn-toolbar, #tab0 .md-footer {display:none !important}
#tab0 .md-editor {border:0px !important}
It's not the editor causing the issues. It's when a client sends a ticket containing any of the short codes (or whatever you want to call them) that triggers the formatting. So any ticket with # - > at the start of a line will automatically get formatted which ends up confusing the client when they see their ticket suddenly has code blocks, indentations and various sized fonts in it.
Yes I know the story :) We talked about this on webhostingtalk but WHMCS published my comment just now.
It's actually creating support where clients cant read their own support tickets !
Where "Directory, file etc" to add above mentioned CSS?

  • #tab0 .md-header.btn-toolbar, #tab0 .md-footer {display:none !important}
  • #tab0 .md-editor {border:0px !important}
  • [/co]

    Just as an update to my original post, we've received the following ticket from a client and you can see how markdown is affecting things for the end user as well as staff. Your average hosting user has no idea what markdown is, or why their replies are ending up with funky formatting.