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Assign ticket to Contact

We often need to assign a ticket to a particular contact but we aren't able to unless we manually update the database with the correct contactid.

We can assign a ticket to a client but not a contact. It would be very nice if we could do this through the admin view ticket page and the API updateticket action.


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I did notice that the CC Recipients field now shows suggestions from the contacts listed on the account. I don't know how long that has been there but it does help a little bit.

I know that tickets belong to accounts BUT, if a contact were to submit a ticket via email, that contact is registered to the contact and the contacts name shows up in the ticket list and in the ticket info when viewing the ticket.

What I am requesting here is a way to manually register a ticket to a contact the way it would be if the contact had originally sent in the email that opened the ticket in the first place.

There are a couple of use cases for this.

- Staff opens ticket for a client contact and needs to assign the correct contact.
- Client opens a ticket and then needs to change the primary POC for the ticket to a contact. We have several customers who have a lot of different contacts and we have staff that only work with certain contacts. Having the wrong name in the ticket list does lead to confusion.
- Contact emails us to open a ticket but doesn't have a contact on the client account yet. We verify the contact is authorized, create a contact on the client account and need to assign/register the ticket to the new contact.

I don't think this will be difficult to do on your end because the logic is already there to register the ticket to contacts when the ticket is opened via email. You just need to create the UI so we can do it manually when necessary.

Hi Joe,
Tickets belong to a Client Account, but you can always select a contact when opening the ticket via the admin area. At a later date via the " CC Recipients" field on the Options tab; just starting typing the contact's name or email address to see suggestions.